Makeup remover pads DIY. Reusable and Free Pattern!

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Today we are making our own Makeup Remover Pads DIY. Completely homemade and completely Zero-waste. 

No more guilt on taking your makeup every night with disposable cotton pads. 

In this post, you will learn how to make makeup remover pads with your favorite fabric. Also, how to use them and wash them so you can reuse them over and over again. 

makeup remover pads

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It is not a secret that I am passionate about Zero-waste projects and this one is one I was very excited about.

Being a woman of my age means having to take extra care of your body. 

Have a healthy diet, make exercise, and have a very detailed skincare routine. 

Things are not what they used to be when I was 16 and I could eat an entire pizza by myself without gaining any weight.

Having new beauty routines 

And as I started to be more conscious about my body I had to start to be more conscious about my skin too. 

So, on one of my trips to my favorite book store, I found this amazing Japanese book written by Chizu Saeki that detailed why and how to take care of your face. 

One of the things that I didn’t know was that you should clean your skin with micellar water every night even if you didn’t put on makeup that day. 

This is because during the day our face is exposed to toxins, dust, and the everyday contamination of our air. 

And please don’t read me wrong here. 

I am not making any stands of how you should or shouldn’t care about beauty routines. 

This is only my side of the story. 

I am even not really the type that uses makeup often. 

So, I never worried about the cotton makeup removers I bought, because they could literally last me a year. 

But once I knew that I had to clean my face the same way as if I was removing my makeup every single day… 

Well, I couldn’t stand to even think about all the waste I would be generating with store-bought cotton pads. 

That’s why I decided to make my own homemade reusable makeup remover pads. 

Here is how.

Making your makeup fabric pads unique. 

I have been working on the decor of my main bathroom and so far is going great!! 

I have already made a very nice cleaning kit with lime cleaning toilet pods and reusable cloths to wipe things out. 

The theme is black and white. 

And as I clean and wash my face in the bathroom every night, I needed my makeup remover pads DIY to match the black and white decoration

Luckily enough I had a couple of old black t-shirts that I didn’t want to wear anymore and an old white promotional towel. 

It simply was perfect for this project.

But I wasn’t going to just let it be that plain.

Oh! No.

makeup remover pads

I want beautiful things to be in my beautiful bathroom. 

So, I decided to embroider a simple white flower on the black part of the pads. 

That along with the white topstitching was the difference between meh and wow!

How to wash your Fabric Makeup Remover Pads

I prefer to wash my remover pads by hand to make sure all the makeup stays out.

But the great thing about these sewing project is that they are perfectly laundry machine friendly.

Just soak them with warm water and then throw them into the normal cycle.

Materials for the Makeup Remover Pads DIY:

  • Cotton fabric (or an old t-shirt) 
  • Towel fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors 
  • Thread 
  • The hexagonal pads pattern 
  • Embroidery machine (optional)

How do you make makeup remover pads?

1. Choose the shape

The most popular shapes for these pads are circles, squares, and hexagonal. 

If you choose to make them hexagonal like mine, download the free sewing pattern at My Golden Thimble Sewing Club on Facebook. 

You can find that and other free sewing patterns under the tab files.

*OPTION 2* I recommend you to join our Facebook group to get this free sewing pattern and, there you will also find a lot of other freebies we offer exclusively there. But if you don’t have a Facebook account you can also get an instant download by signing in to your account and simply clicking on download here:

2. Trace the pattern on the fabric. 

makeup remover wipes diy

To draw the hexagons on the fabric mark the outside lines first. 

Then poke the vertex of the inside lines and with your tailors chalk to draw a dot. 

Remove the pattern and join the lines with a ruler.

makeup remover pads

3. Cut your top layer. 

The top layer is the one that is not the towel. 

In my case, it is made of an old cotton t-shirt.

I made about 20-25 of these Makeup remover pads DIY. 

Even though I knew I won’t be using them every day I still wanted to have enough. 

If you want to add some detail like my embroidery flower you can do so at this moment.

4. Pin on top of the towel. 

makeup remover wipes diy

Place your toppers with the right sides together on top of the towel and pin each one of them. 

Save space by placing them right next to each other like on the sewing pattern. 

Cut each one of the pieces.

5. Sew around. 

makeup remover pads

Time to sew! 

Sew around the sides at ¼” and leave one side open. 

Cut the corners of the pad. 

6. Turn and topstitch 

makeup remover wipes diy

Then turn it inside out carefully. 

Fold the open seam allowances in and pin them.

Finally, make a top stitch at ⅛” of the edge.


makeup remover wipes diy

Wasn’t that easy??? 

I hope you liked this Sewing Project and if you are interested in more Zero-waste sewing projects please check these amazing tutorials:

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