I finally got the time to make this cute Leaf Mat DIY and I couldn’t be happier. 

These leaf mats are on-trend on the home decorations right now.

They can be used as play mats, for living room decor, and like me for a bathroom mat.

Leaf Mat DIY

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I’ve been working on decorating my bathroom for over a month now. 

I started by organizing everything I had with my DIY free fabric boxes pattern. 

After that, I started adding little touches of decor here and there. 

The theme is black and white, you see. 

So, this leaf mat had to match the decorations.

This mat will match perfectly with my DIY Fabric Boxes and my Reusable Makeup Remover Pads that I made, also black and white. 

I have had it in my mind since I started to see these mats everywhere. 

But with so much work on my shoulders, I hadn’t been able to complete the things I wanted for this

That was until this week that I managed to have a little free time. 

So, I got to work! 

For this project, I used an old T-shirt I wanted to recycle for a while.

Leaf Mat DIY

That’s why it is this small. 

Which in retrospect was perfect for my bathroom space. 

But worry not. 

The free sewing pattern I made for you has up to 4 sizes for you to use as you pleased. This way you can do more than one and assign it the purpose you want within your home.

For my part, I think I’m going to make a couple of these mats as a bedside stands for the guest room. 

Also, it won’t be a bad idea to make some throws for my couch to match the Fall Home Sign I just made for my living room.

Materials for your Leaf Mat DIY.

This project is perfect for use with recycling fabrics or some old clothes you have hanging around. 

I used the recycled knit fabric but you could really use any fabric you like, depending on what use you want to give it. 

For example, if you want it for a baby play mat you probably want to use soft cotton. 

You can also use it for a pet mat. In that case, you want a very easily washable fabric. 

Leaf Mat DIY

You get it.

As for the filling, I used a white toy’s filling. That’s why it looks like a pillow… 

Oh! Boy, you can make leaf pillows too!! 


As I was saying, I used the kind of filling people use to stuff toys with. 

But I have also seen these mats being made with quilt batting.

Although this technique will make them look more flatten, they will not stop looking stunning. 

If you want to save money, I recommend using synthetic stuffing. 

However, don’t forget that if this project is going to be used by a baby or someone with allergies, you’ll need to use a natural filling or batting.

Leaf Mat DIY. Step by step tutorial.

Print and assemble the free sewing pattern. 

To download this sewing pattern you will need to subscribe to our newsletter to get it right in your inbox here.

Once you do you will get an email with the sewing patterns in all the sizes in 3 different paper sizes, Letter, A4, and A0. 

Once you have your file, print, and assemble it. 

Then trace the size of the mat you want with pattern paper. Or, if you prefer cut directly into the original pattern. 

Use your rotatory cutter to cut over the veins of the leaf pattern so you can trace them later.

Cut your pattern. 

Place your pattern over a folded fabric and cut two layers of it with the right sides of the fabric facing together.

Leaf Mat DIY

Sew the edges. 

If you are going to use batting, cut one leaf pattern layer of it. 

Place it underneath the two layers of fabric. It should be facing the wrong side of the fabric of one of the layers. 

Pin along. 

If you are using the regular filling skip the steps above. 

Now sew along the edges at ¼” leaving 3″ open.

leaves mat pattern

Clip corners and curves. 

For the edges of your mat look neat we have to make cuts on the curves and the corners. 

Follow this map to know where to clip and where to cut the corners.

You should get near the seam but be careful to not cut it.

Leaf Mat DIY

Add the filling. 

Turn the mat inside out through the opening. 

If you didn’t use batting this is the moment to add your preferred filling. 

Try not putting too much of it.

Unless of course, you are going to make a pillow. 

Then you can go crazy. 

After you got the desired shape, close the open space with an invisible stitch. 

You can check my invisible stitch tutorial to get a perfect closing for your mat.

leaves mat pattern

Sew the leaf mat DIY veins. 

Once you have your mat is time to sew the veins of the leaf. 

Place your pattern over the mat and use your preferred marking tool to trace where the veins will be. 

To get a better result you can hand baste the lines before sewing them with the machine. 

Follow the lines and sew the “veins” making a backstitch on every end.

Leaf Mat DIY
leaves mat pattern

And voila! 

Now you have a wonderful and super trending leaf mat to decorate your home. 

If you made this tutorial don’t forget to tag me on our social media channels. 

And please let me know in the comments below where in your home, are you going to put your leaf mat diy. 

I hope you liked this Sewing Project as much as I did.

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  1. Dear Dafhtne,

    Greetings from Rio – Brazil. It was a plesuare to visit your site and knowing your job. I am interest in receiving a free pdf copy of your leaf mat template. I already did my register at the website, however none e-mail from you with the template attached. Could you please kindly already send it to me?
    My thanks in advanced.

    1. Author

      Hi Ana, thank you so much for writing me.
      I have added you again to the list so you can receive your free pattern. Can you please confirm if you got it?

  2. thank you so much for this pattern

    1. Author

      You are welcome, I am glad you liked it!

  3. Hi,
    I am trying to find the free pattern for leaf play mat, I did subscribe to your site,
    thanking you kindly
    Brenda Bignell

    1. Author

      Hi Brenda I’ve seen that your free leaf mat pattern was delivered on the 9th, check out your inbox (promos and spam) in case it is there. If isn’t feel free to write me

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