Fall is just one step away and with it the most beautiful and easy Fall Decor Ideas DIY for you to make in this what it is my favorite season.

Dive into this post to find the greatest and easiest crafts, home decor, and even dollar tree ideas to cheer up your favorite space in your home.

fall decor ideas diy

Can you see it?? Some leaves are starting to turn yellow, and even though the weather is still hot over here, I just know it’s coming.

My favorite season ever!!

Fall has all the great things (except Christmas DIY’s of course).

The fresh wheater, the clothes, the colors, and best of all, all the nice holidays and the decorations that come with that.

I bet that you are as eager as I am right now to start with your fall decor.

So, I gathered for you the nicest and easiest Fall Decor Ideas DIY so you can get it started.

These decorating ideas are super easy too!

You will find all sorts of DIY ideas from mason jars to centerpieces, table decorations, and of course all sorts of pumpkin crafts!

Are you ready?

Easy and Beautiful Fall Decor Ideas DIY

1. Interchangeable Home Sign

This beautiful Home Sign DIY is amazing to use not only for fall but for all seasons.

You will discover how to change it through the festivities and holidays in this easy and cheap tutorial.

Perfect decor for your living room.

Interchangeable Home Sign DIY

2. Easy Felt Pumpkins DIY

These beautiful pumpkins diy are one of the easiest you could make.

They don’t even need a pattern, you can draft right there on the fabric you want to use.

Plus it gives you a pretty good idea of how to use your leftover scraps fabrics.

felt pumpkins diy

3. Beautiful Fall Hoop Wreath

Amanda shows us here how to make this beautiful hoop wreath with the most affordable materials.

Less is more they say. And they are right.

This amazing design will look absolutely perfect in front of every door.

front porch wreath

4. Fabric Easy Pumkins DIY

I couldn’t believe that it was this easy to make a beautiful fabric pumpkin.

But the sits girls show us how to do this in just a few minutes.

If you are looking for a quick and pretty decoration this is definitely the craft to choose.

fabric pumpkins diy craft ideas

5. Dollar Tree Painted Pumpkins

This amazing DIY looks that it costs a bunch of dollars when in reality they came from the dollar tree store.

It’s amazing how they made look these painted pumpkins so realistic with these steams.

If you choose to make this smart craft then it can serve as a centerpiece or a table decoration.

dollar tree painted pumpkins

6. Elegant Chalked Painted Pumpkins

Turning it all white.

There is such an elegance in choosing a single neutral color to decorate your tables.

These White chalked-painted pumpkins do just that.

center piece fall decor ideas diy

7. Toilet Paper Pumpkins

The thing I love the most about toilet paper fabric-covered pumpkins is that is a completely zero-waste project.

Once you are done with fall time you can take it apart and use the fabric for another thing.

Because we always need fabric. Always!

toilet paper pumpkins diy crafts

8. Pumpmkin Burlap Sign

How a lovely way to bring some fall colors inside your home.

With this easy Pumpkin Burlap Sign, you will feel always in a festive season.

Not to mention that it will allow you to use some scraps of leftovers.

fall decor ideas diy

9. One Dollar Leaf Dishes

A beautiful way to decorate vintage style without having to spend a lot of money.

These Dollar Tree Dishes were painted with beautiful pastel colors to transform into this.

And only using Spray Paint!

table decorations for fall

10. Buffalo Check Fall Wreath

Buffalo Check fabric can be used in so many ways that I am not surprised that this Fall Hoop Wreath looks this beautiful.

You can use it on your door or as a hanging wall art inside your home.

A pretty affordable decoration indeed.

fall wreath fall decor ideas diy for front porch

11. Porcelain Pumpkins without decoupage

When I saw this tutorial I just couldn’t believe it was not decoupage.

These Porcelain Pumpkins were made completely and quite frankly in a much easier way.

You just have to see this tutorial because this technique can be used in many other things.

diy pumpkins decorations

12. Fall Pillows Covers

When autumn comes, it also comes the many people’s favorite party.

And to celebrate it what better way to make a couple of Halloween pillow covers that match your color decorations.

Everyone will love them!

fall decor ideas diy

Check out this too: Pumpkin Face Pillow Covers Free Pattern

13. Pompom Pumpkins for Fall Decor DIY

Who doesn’t love a good pompom??

I certainly do. That’s why I made a pompom tree skirt for Christmas.

But now I am thinking I will be making pompoms for fall too.

These Pompom Pumpkins are just too pretty to see! And very easy to make

crafts ideas for fall decor

14. Fabric Covered Pumpkins

Now if you do like decoupage this tutorial of fabric-covered pumpkins is just right for you.

The best thing about this is that you can choose whatever fabric you like the most and make beautiful combinations like here.

Watch this tutorial if you want to have this decoration for your home.

fabric covered pumpkins

15. A Beach Fall Decoration

Who would have thought that the theme of the beach and fall would be so perfect together?

If you are already thinking on your next vacation but just can’t wait then you should make this Beach-Fall Wreath.

Your door will look amazing and you will have a little piece of summer too.

front porch wreath decor

16. Front Porch Number Sign

This craft is perfect for your front porch!

Here they used Halloween pumpkins baskets and transformed them into this amazing-looking sign with their home’s number id.

A very clever and easy idea if you ask me.

front porch decor

17. Rolled Book Pumpkin

Do you have an old unuseful book lying around doing nothing?

Well, then you should put it to work and make this unique book paper pumpkin decoration.

Best part? It will cost next to nothing.

Fall decor ideas diy

18. DIY Fall Fairy Leaves Lights

fairy leaves fall decor

I put these over my mantel every single year over my mantel for fall decor.

These fall fairy lights are very easy and inexpensive to DIY.

You can collect the leaves yourself and make a day out of it with your family, partner, or friends.

I am certain you can use these lights in a lot of spots in your house to make it look seasonally beautiful.

19. Spot Navy Pumpkins

navy painted pumpkins

It turns out that making these super high-end pumpkins doesn’t cost half what you think they do.

You might have seen some of them in Target Fall decorations, but they run out so fast!

Now you have a tutorial to make as much as the DIY Navy pumpkins as you want!

20. Fall Burlap Letter Wall Hanging

fall sing burlap decor

Making this amazing burlap fall letter sign will add a perfect touch of elegance to your fall decorations.

It was made by tater tots and Jello, who is part of Michael’s maker’s team.

You can find all of the materials there and hang this pretty sign anywhere in your home.

21. Dried Orange Garland DIY

diy orange dried garland

When I read this post it amazed me how easy it was to make this beautiful dried orange garland.

You just need an oven and a knife.

Slice them and put them in there for a couple of hours with the right temperature settings and then simply attach a string to them.

Easier than ever!.

22. Dollar Store Burlap Jar Flowers

fall decor ideas

How beautiful are these?

Just with jars and burlap, you can make artificial flowers look like a very expensive and warming decoration for your home.

These Fall Jar Dollar store flowers are the perfect touch for a farmhouse living room decor, a pop of color in your bathroom, or even to put in the kitchen.

23. Carved Pumpkin Flower Vase

pumpkin fall decor ideas

Using a real pumpkin as a flower pot?


This Carved Pumpkin flower Vase is the perfect element for your centerpieces. Try and mix up the flower types to have some variety.

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