About Me

Dafhtne Paz

Do you want to make your own clothes but don’t really know how? Have you ever been in a store thinking “I could make this for waaaaay more cheaper than that”? Do you know how to sew, but you want to improve your projects with new and exciting ideas?
You are in the right place, my new and beautiful friend!

 First of all, let me introduce my self. My name is Dafhtne Paz and I am the founder of My Golden Thimble, a site that I created so I can share with all of you, the sewing projects of my life. I want to help you to create everything you want with the power of your sewing machine!Dafhtne Paz

What? Everything? Yes!! I believe that making a better world starts in the sewing room and I am here to help you make your sundress for that party, the original cushions in your living room, your hubby’s new sweater, even the toys, and accessories for your pets! I am here to share all my sewing room secrets, patterns, and inspiration to you, so we can fill together our lives with awesome sewing projects for every occasion!

I couldn’t tell where my passion for sewing started. The farthest memory I have is being under my Christmas tree cutting my mother’s t-shirt so I could make a new dress for my dolls…
I guess that coming from a family of women sewers (my mother, and my grandmother and my grand aunts) it was only natural that I found my destiny between fabrics and stitches…

But you know life, it tends to drive you to unexpected ways right?

To be 100% honest with you, I have no idea how I got into this path. Not that I don’t love it. Because I DO LOVE MY LIFE. You know, I have always been that kind of person with a very colorful and creative brain and hands. And when I have some idea in my mind I have to purse it until I get there. I have been like that all my life.

I actually started by studying Advertising (looking back I think that was the only creative “serious” career that I found at that time) but it really never felt right. So on one point I decided to drop Advertising and got into Fashion school, where I spent all my mornings waking up knowing that I’ve found my passion, learning from the best, all kinds of inspiring things that came out of my bare hands.

Dafhtne Paz

Being able to make my own clothes, or sewing projects around my house, even super nice-end gifts for my friends and family make me feel like with a superpower. The power of creation!
So after my career, I kept learning. I read books, I have several designer jobs, I experiment with every cool tutorial I found online, I started to sewing clothes for my friends… And I try something new everytime I can.

That’s why when the blogger seed was implanted in my brain through all the sewing groups I am part off, I started to think that I would love to share my talents too. The internet has offered us the blessing of global connectivity, and by just knowing how many people is out there that like the same things that you like, and that you can very easily find places like this blog to meet and learn about those things… Well I had to try it myself didn’t I?

The only thing I know for sure is that I am so grateful to have the opportunity for you to let me in into your sewing and crafty life. 

And now I want to share this learning with you, and help you to have the necessary skills to improve your sewing skills, to motivate you to try new projects and most importantly to leave your sewing room happy and proud every single time.

So sharp your scissors, thread your bobbin, secure your needle and let’s get started!!



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Happy Sewing!!