Easy Teal Fall Wreath DIY For Home Decor

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how I made my Teal Fall Wreath DIY for my indoor fall decorations. 

When it comes to easy DIY Fall Wreaths this one right here will easily become one of your favorite choices.

Teal has become a pretty popular choice of color for fall crafts and decor for a couple of years now.

And it just happens to be that teal is my favorite color. So, I just couldn’t let pass the opportunity to jump in this trend to decorate my living room.

teal fall wreath diy

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Has it ever happened to you that you enter your home and feel that something is missing?

In my case, every single year the holiday season starts to come closer, I feel like that.

I find myself wanting a pop of the right color or even some change in my decor elements. 

And being an early bird, I like to start decorating soon to enjoy every single one of the holiday’s gifts.

Right now I still have up my spring/summer decor. All the pinks and greenery spread through my living room and kitchen.

I was inspired to make this wreath because my favorite dates of the year are approaching.

And I know September is only starting, but somehow I just don’t feel like they belong anymore.

So, I decided to take out my DIY fabric pumpkins and change my seasonal home sign to match my fall spirit. 

Only this time I decided to make teal and white pumpkins for my decorations.

And of course to top it off with a beautiful wreath to match.

Deciding on my wreath style.

Can you imagine when someone visits you and sees how beautiful your house looks with the decorations you made?

I always enjoy that part! When you get to say, “Oh thank you, I made it”.

A fall wreath for your front door is a wonderful idea to receive this time of year.

An important step for me, whenever I start decorating my house, is to visualize the end result.

I like to think about how all the elements will complement each other to achieve a harmonious style.

diy fall wreath easy and cheap

You can use any color scheme you want.

And if you have scraps of fabric with those colors it will work wonderfully for this project.

I love the fabric I used because it is shiny and super soft to the touch.

As for the elements, choose between ribbons, faux flowers, and even some burlap ribbon, as I did here. 

For this wreath, I decided to use teal and white fabrics in addition to a bouquet of fake flowers.

Teal Fall Wreath DIY

To make this easy teal fall wreath DIY you can use a cardboard wreath or get a frame from Amazon. There are so many shapes and sizes there to choose from.

For this tutorial, I used a craft foam one, as I already had it sitting around.

So, let’s get started. Keep reading and follow these instructions to make your own easy and cheap diy fall wreath.


teal fall wreath diy

The first thing I did was glue some filling to my frame so it could have some volume. 

Try to use as much as you can, but only on the top of it. 

Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot silicone!

diy fall wreath easy and cheap

As for the fabric, I cut it long enough strips to wrap sections of the wreath. 

Once I was sure about how many strips I needed I made a tiny hem by hand in each one of them. 

This is so the final look would be cleaner.

When I was wrapping the fabric I began to form some “gathers” with my hands so it would have a little bit of texture.

I used my silicone gun to glue everything on the back of the wreath.

Try to overlap a little section of the first strip above the other so there won’t have gaps.

diy fall wreath easy and cheap

Once that’s finished, it’s time to decorate. Use everything you have on hand and, be creative.

Here I started by gluing cuttings of the faux flowers and I spread them around the wreath.

I used burlap squares to place above some of them.

teal fall wreath diy

To add the fall touch to it I made a whole bunch of DIY mini-sized fabric pumpkins.

I tried to used different types of fabrics to add more texture, then I simply glued them at the bottom of the wreath.

diy fall wreath easy and cheap
teal fall wreath diy

Finally use a little piece of ribbon to make a loop so you can have something to hang this beautiful wreath on your door.

Final thoughts.

I think the next time I am going for a bigger wreath frame so I can add more elements to my design.

teal fall wreath diy

But overall this came up pretty nice for my fall teal decor of this year.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please let me know your thoughts about it in the comments below and don’t forget to tag us in your social media pictures!

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