You will adore these Felt Pumpkins DIY. 

They are so easy and quick to make and also super affordable! These can beat any dollar-store-bought pumpkin out there.

This is one of the greatest handmade pumpkin crafts out there. They are very fun to make and a very beautiful choice to decorate your home this fall season.

And that’s not all! They can also be used to make other crafts, just like I did here with my Mini Pumpkin Teal Burlap Wreath.

felt pumpkins diy

This season is the start of the holidays. A time when everyone gathers to celebrate and share with their loved ones.

And there is no better place to do that than in a beautiful warm and seasonally decorated home.

Obviously, the main fall symbol is the pumpkin. So there can not be any fall decoration ideas DIY that doesn’t include them.

That’s why I decided to make my own, and of course, share the tutorial with you.

How do you make a felt pumpkin? 

Felt is one of the most popular materials for making creative crafts. You just cut the shape you want, as I show you here, fill it and wrap it. Finally, you glue the steam made with a pipe cleaner or more felt.

It has too many advantages and it is super easy to work with and super lightweight.

That’s why felt is the best material to make pumpkins.

felt pumpkins diy

The reality is that it has many benefits. 

It’s cheap, easy to handle and its seams don’t fray. So, you can leave them “unfinished” and no one will ever know. 

Its texture also brings a touch of realism to all the projects that are done with it. 

That’s why I decided that this year I would include in my DIY fall decorations a whole bunch of felt pumpkins.

Fabric Pumpkin Pattern. 

You will find this tutorial incredibly easy.

The best thing is that you don’t even need a specific pumpkin felt pattern. You just need to know the shapes to cut the pumpkins.

This is because we want to have different shapes and sizes, so they look more realistic.

As for the materials, you just need a little bit of imagination.

fabric pumpkin diy pattern

In fact, it’s best that you don’t have a certain measure to make all of your pumpkins, as this will make them more realistic in the end. 

I had sizes from mini felt pumpkins of about 1 ½” wide to very large ones that measure about 5 or 6 inches tall. 

For the ones I made I played with a Freehand drawing of several shapes. I did rectangles, circles, and trapezoids. 

And I have to say that I love them all!

How to make a Felt Pumpkin?

To make a stuffed pumpkin, all you need is to choose the fabric you want. Then cut rectangles, or circles gather the edges and fill them with the stuffing of your choosing. 

Cut as many different shapes in as many different sizes as you can.

Check the picture below to see which shape forms which type of DIY Felt pumpkin.

Try to use a single color palette for the set of all your pumpkins.

Preferably the color palette you’re going to use for the rest of your decorations

Two to three colors are more than enough.

This tip will make your decorations look cohesive wherever you put them. 

felt pumpkins diy

As I mentioned before I decided to use felt fabric because it’s a really easy material to handle. 

As for the filling I used all the tiny little scraps of fabric that I saved during the last months.

You know how much I hate waste and how much I love Zero-waste projects. Such as my reusable sponges, makeup pads, grocery bags, and more…

So, this was the perfect opportunity to use all those scraps of fabrics and threads, instead of letting them go to waste. 

I’d love to recommend this method for you to do the same. 

But first I’d have to warn you one thing. 

Using this type of material to refill your pumpkins is going to make it harder to handle. 

So if you don’t have the patience or just don’t want to waste time with that, you better use regular stuffing.

How to make a simple fabric pumpkin?

By following this tutorial you can make pumpkins out of any fabric of your choosing. First, choose the shape, then baste the edges and fill the pumpkin. Pull out the basting stitch to close the pumpkin and use the thread to wrap it around it. Finally, make the steam with a pipe cleaner or even twine.

Felt Pumpkins DIY 

Now I’m going to show you how to make a fabric pumpkin out of felt. 

The first thing to know is which shapes make each pumpkin style. 

As I told you before, I used the shapes of circles, rectangles, and trapezoids to be my pumpkins. 

Here is how each one of them turned out.

felt pumpkins diy

So start by cutting several of these shapes of different sizes and colors into your felt.

For the rectangles and trapezoids, fold them and sew the edges to form a cylinder. 

fabric pumpkin tutorial

Once you have these, we are going to hand baste the edges of the shapes.

The process for all forms is basically the same.

If you have two opened edges start by pulling your hand baste on the bottom one and securing it with a knot.

Then start stuffing your felt pumpkin diy. 

fabric pumpkin tutorial
fabric pumpkin tutorial

Once you have the desired volume, you’ll need to close the top opening. 

Repeat the same basting and pulling process on the top. 

fabric pumpkin tutorial

Circle Shaped Pumpkin

For the shape of the circle, you will have to do this only in the circumference edge. 

Once it’s completely closed, we will have to make the shape of an actual pumpkin. 

To do this take the largest needle you have and thread it doubling the strings. 

I used four strings of thread on each needle.

Insert the needle from the bottom and pull it all the way to the top closing. 

felt pumpkins diy

Here you have two options.

You can literally “wrap” the thread around the ball to make the bulks. 

Or you can thread from the bottom up and down again following the same thread slot. 

Either way is good. 

But the last one is easier if you use scraps as stuffing as I did. 

You can also insert the needle through the top center to the bottom and back. 

This will make a flatter pumpkin that also looks pretty cool. 

But this only works for the mini pumpkins or the really short ones. 

Make as many divisions as you like. Again, don’t feel like it has to be the same for all of them. 

Variety is the key.

Making the stems.

Now, let’s move to the stem and the leaves.

I found a wide variety of shapes and options for the stems. 

And the only materials I used were pipe cleaners and a recycled fake flower stem I cut off a while ago. 

felt pumpkins diy

Cut, twist, and glue them to your pumpkin. 

Then finish up with one or two leaves for each one of them. 

Again, don’t worry to have the perfect shape. Just draw as it feels natural to you.

How do you make Mini Felt Pumpkins?


To make these pumpkins for other fall crafts such as garlands or wreaths just reduce the size of the shapes.

The smaller pumpkin I have been able to make had about a 3″ ratio.

Adding depth and color to your felt pumpkins DIY. 

An optional extra step to add some color and depth to your projects is painting shades and light. 

You don’t have to if you don’t want to. 

But it’s definitely a nice touch. 

I use a set of drawing chalks of different shades depending on the color. 

There is a reel on my Instagram of how I did it if you are interested in watching that on video. 

What I did, in a nutshell, was painting the slots in a darker color and the bulks in a lighter one of the same tone. 

I also added a line and a dot here and there just for fun. 

This project was really fun for me and I hope it was for you as well. 

Please let me know in the comments how your felt pumpkins diy turned out and which colors you chose to make.

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