Hilarious Sewing Memes that only Real Seamstresses will get.


Do you need a good laugh and have 3 minutes to spare?? Then check out this amazing list of the very best Sewing Memes online.

If you are a seamstress you will totally get them and also you are here for a good laugh.

Sewing Memes

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The Funniest Sewing Memes only for Seamstresses.

1. How scary and exciting is to play and win “chicken bobbin” 

Sewing Meme chicken bobbin

We have all been there. This Sewing Meme is something we all can understand.

Just a few stitches left to finish your sewing projects and your bobbin has only a few inches left of thread. 

Yes, I guess we could stop and change to a full bobbin. 

But where is the fun in that?

2. And of course… Losing at chicken bobbin. 

sewing meme empty bobbin

Yeah, that circle skirt hem you have been sewing for the last 15 minutes actually has not been sewn at all! 

Not precisely chicken bobbin, because we can challenge what we can see. 

But is equally infuriating.

3. The fact that you can find threads everywhere and I mean everywhere.

Sewing Meme dog

No, they are not only all spread on your sewing room’s floor and your machines. 

The kitchen, the shower, and my poor dog are only a few places where I find my loose threads. 

One time I swear I went to the bathroom and there was a long string INSIDE my panties!! 

I mean, What the “h”?

4. When you or someone in your family got stabbed by one of your lost pins and you are just like… Oh, there it was.

sewing meme waldo pin

“It is more difficult than looking for a needle in a haystack. “

That phrase was invented for a reason! 

Can you imagine the time we would spend on trying to find every pin we drop on the floor? 

I have dark wooden floors, so pins and needles are practically invisible once they drop. 

I mean I’ve tried but I ‘ve come to the point where if my magnetic pin holder doesn’t pick it up when I “scan” the area I just quit. 

Also, the whole world is my pin holder when I don’t have it near me. 

Funny thing when they appear on my bed, though.

5. There are some days when everything seems to be against us!

funny meme about sewing

You know what I mean right? Sad sewing meme, but truthfull.

Broken needles, wrong tension, sewn the right with the wrong side, unstitching, and more unstitching…

I know you know. As I say in my post the most common 12 mistakes in sewing, not taking breaks makes everything worse.

So, take a step back from that machine, pour yourself some wine, and try again tomorrow.

6. Buying fabric and actually sewing it are 2 different hobbies.

fun sewing images

We can stop if we want to. But we don’t. 

The unspoken (yet very spoken) reality of our hobbies. 

We all have that urge when you just have to have that fabric. 

Either because it is on sale, or just because it is too beautiful to let it all alone there. 

Sometimes, it is so beautiful we actually never get ourselves to cut it.

7. We actually expect the cookie tin can to have sewing supplies.

joke sewing tin cookie

Am I the only one? 

The only thing I can think on Christmas when they give me a can of cookies is “Cool, another sewing supplies storage” 

Here is an idea to drop to your loved ones. 

On Christmas, Birthdays, or whatever, buy one of those tins. 

Take out the cookies and actually fill it up with cool sewing gadgets!! 

Wouldn’t that be a nice surprise to get??

8. Pockets.

sewing meme pockets women

We have lived a lifetime of pocketless clothing since the beginning of times. 

Who in the name of Dior thought of that? 

And don’t let me start with the industry. 

Fake Jean pockets?? Common! 

That’s why when we sew and find a pattern with pockets for your phone and some secret snacks… 

That my friends, is what we call happiness.

9. The satisfaction of matching side lines seams.

sewing quotes

Oh, the pleasure! 

Every single person who has ever tried matching lines in seams can get this. 

It is a long saint-patience process for sure. 

But it is oh so worthy when you get to see this.

10. Your husband doesn’t believe that you are just going into the craft store for a quick few things trip, anymore. And neither do you.

sewing meme funny

You don’t believe it either, even though you promised this time you were only buying what you went in for. 

MEH! Live and let live. 

That’s what happens when you put a craft lover inside craft land. 

Is like a kid in a candy store.

I trully love Mrs. Bobbins!! She makes the best sewing memes. She get us.

11. When you see something you love at the mall but don’t buy it because -You can totally make that.

I can totally make that sewing

There are two sides to this one. Am I right? 

On one, why shouldn’t you pass at buying that expensive garment that you totally know the perfect Sewing pattern for?

And on the other side is me. 

Always saying “I can totally make that, and cheaper!”. So I don’t buy the dress and then I don’t make it either… 

I know, shame on me! Please tell me I am not alone in this.

12. That moment when you realize you should have basted that before sewing it.

basting meme joke

Basting is one of the most under-rated skills in sewing. 

You can’t imagine how much unstitching and bad crooked seams you could avoid by just learning how to baste by hand or machine?

The answer is A LOT. 

Seriously take it from a former non-baster. 

Once you get a hang of it everything will look better.

13. A full bobbin ready to sew when you need it. 

sewing quotes

Full bobbins mean happiness too. 

There is nothing worse than an empty bobbin when you are in the middle of sewing your hem. 

Now you have to stop and refill. 

Anybody got time for that! 

14. The false promise you make to start the Christmas gifts early this year. Every year. 

sewing meme christmas

I mean it. 

Every. Single. Year. 

I don’t know about you but I consider myself a pretty organized person. 

Yet every year I procrastinate on my sewing gifts until I have no other choice to stress sew them all. 

And as close as the day is the shorter my list of friends gets.

15. How no one else gets why they shouldn’t touch our fabric scissors!?

sewing meme scissors

The first time my husband tried to cut paper with my fabric scissors he got very confused. 

So I calmly explained that if he ever touched my fabric scissors again he wouldn’t live to tell the story. 

Now every time he needs to cut something he doubles check with me which one he can’t touch. 

Message received.

16. Sewing + wine. 

sewing quotes


Do I need to say more? 

There is nothing more relaxing (and possibly dangerous) than a good glass of wine on a Friday night with that project you have been working on.

Add a scented candle and you have the perfect date with yourself.

17. The fact that we have more fabric and patterns that we can sew and we keep going for more! 

buying fabric guide meme

Be honest with me. And let’s leave aside our fabric hoarder problem. (I mean our fabric collection hobby) 

How many patterns have you bought until this day and actually sewn? 

Don’t worry I won’t actually make you tell me. This one stays between you and me. 

A lady never discusses the size of their stash ;).

18. Do you have a party tomorrow? Maybe you should make a new outfit tonight. 

sewing meme dress

OK… I might be exaggerating a little. 

But don’t we all have this itch to make us something new to that event at the very last minute? 

One time I made an evening dress for a wedding 2 days before the event. 

I did not sleep at all but it was totally worth it.

19. The “F-ing” horror, Having to unstitch an overlock seam… 

Funny Sewing meme

Everybody knows there is a trick to an “easy” overlock unstitching. 

Yet it isn’t, isn’t it? 

For starters, you have not 2 but 4 interlocked threads, that will eventually become little pieces of threads all over your clothes. 

But this is a thing we can’t avoid. 

If you want the greatness of a Serger seam you need to be willing to unstitch at some point.

20. A clean sewing room… HaHa Just Kidding. 

sewing room clean meme

There is no such thing as a clean sewing room. 

I mean I grant it, that could exist but only in a short period of time, you are not sewing in there. 

Even if you are the most organized person with the most organized sewing room in the world, I bet you have at least one “shame drawer” somewhere where you throw all the miscellaneous. 

Mine is my closet. Lol.

21. You get to say “thank you, I made it”

Thank you I made it sewing quote

It is like a superpower isn’t it? 

You get a flat piece of fabric and some thread and then you transform it in anything you want! 

And the best thing is all the compliments right before you humbly (Humm proudly!) say the phrase. 

“Oh, this? Thank you, I just made it yesterday.”

22. Shortest horror story: Sewing Machine Away for service.

sewing meme funny

I mean… What are we supposed to do? 

Clean? The dishes? 

Actually finishing that book that we started last year? 

I have heard of people that actually have back up sewing machines. 

I’ve never understood this until my first Serger broke in the middle of a big order.

23. When you finally get the house alone to sew in peace.

sewing funny meme

No one screaming “mooooooooom” every 5 minutes. 

No husband constantly interrupting asking where his shirts are. 

Nothing but your favorite seamstresses Netflix shows to sew with and your sewing machine.

24. We all love to party! As long as that means staying at home to sew. 

sewing quotes

I am sad (but not really) to say that my party times are behind me. 

Now all I need is a new exciting sewing pattern, pretty fabric, and my own sewing room where no one is allowed. 

Who needs to stay up drunk with a cheap bear until 3 am with loud music and strangers, when you can easily be the same amount of drunk with your nice glass of wine at 3 am finishing that new pretty dress with pockets? 

I mean is basically the same if you remove the strangers and the loud music. But you know what I mean.

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28 thoughts on “Hilarious Sewing Memes that only Real Seamstresses will get.”

  1. I would like someone to make a meme:
    String is used to fly a kite…THREAD is for sewing!!!! (my pet peeve is when my students call thread “STRING”). Posted with love and forgiveness 😉

  2. The fabric scissors one is still my all time favorite. I got” but they made cutting the roofing shingles so quick.”
    I bought and wrapped the most expensive pair of gingher shears for Christmas!

    • There are quite a few of these (90%) that I can identify with. I am in the process of cleaning out my basement sewing/crafting room. I started 2 months ago. Why is it going so slow? As I uncover another layer of treasures I stop and complete the last steps. “Oh! That’s were I put it.”
      I just gave a 10 gal. bin full of fabric to our local hospice. The lady was laughing so hard as she watched me put in fabric/take out/put it back in. I didn’t know that giving fabric away was like putting your baby on the bus first day of kindergarten!

  3. These are great…LOL! Though, I think there needs to be a meme about re-folding pattern papers…It is IMPOSSIBLE to refold them the way they were folded when you bought the pattern!

  4. I can totally relate to all of these, I believe it’s cheaper then being out at a bar drinking and it is a great hobby! Every now and then I really do come out with a beautiful gift that I have finally finished to give away as a present! The person who has received
    it loves it, so it pays off!

  5. What a very clever and funny ? ways and ideas lol?? that you have done in sharing your ideas, thoughts.
    Many thanks for that.???.
    Jan uk

  6. I’m NOT hoarding fabric.

    ***I need the proper inventory to sew my Pinterest closet dreams into reality! (yes, Im serious)

    I’d love to have enough inventory to make my sewing room like walking into a my own material shop.

  7. I’m NOT hoarding fabric.

    ***I need enough to have the proper inventory to sew my Pinterest closet dreams into reality! (yes, Im serious)

    I’d love to have enough inventory to make my sewing room like walking into a my own material shop.

  8. I can relate to all of these memes! I would give my last dollar to someone on the street with a sign, but if they want some of my fabric…Even though I have more fabric than many fabric stores, it is so hard to part with any of it! Some people collect coins or stamps, I collect fabric. That is my hobby!


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