Summer Apron Free Sewing Pattern


This is my latest make, a Summer Apron Free Sewing Pattern. All the colors of summer and the best and cutest pattern design all in one.

This cute apron is my latest sewing addition to my kitchen sewing projects, and I can’t love it more.

I have always loved the way vintage aprons (like the ones from the 50s) look. And even though I don’t spend a lot of my time cooking I still want to look cute around the kitchen or when I am cleaning my home. 

And this design sure does the job! I feel like I am wearing a cute dress and I am all put together (which rarely happens when I am at home) only by putting it on.

summer apron free sewin pattern

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I made this beautiful andSummer Apron Free Sewing Pattern using a Christmas Apron Pattern called Mamma Claus Apron. 

This is a pattern that I made for the holidays and use it every year!

I always thought this design could look pretty good with other fabrics and colors, and I wasn’t wrong!

summer apron free sewin pattern

For this design, I decided to use all spring and summer colors—a beautiful yellow for the body, matching it with a cute blue printed flower fabric. 

Finally, to make the bow, I made a fabric flower and sewed it over the belt of my apron.

Of course, you can use any color you want for your apron, which I love to see on My Golden Thimble Sewing Club on Facebook. So, don’t forget to tag @mygoldenthimble so I can see it!

summer apron free sewin pattern


  • 1 ½ yard of main woven Fabric
  • Premade or Homemade Bias Tape
  • 2 or 3 big buttons (Optional)
  • ¼ yard of contrasting woven Fabric.
  • Matching Thread

Free Summer Apron Sewing Pattern- Instructions

summer apron free sewin pattern

Follow these sewing instructions to assemble your Summer Apron Free Sewing Pattern. You can get the printable instructions at the end of this post or go to the mamma Claus apron post to watch the picture step-by-step tutorial.

1. Print the Pattern.

The first thing we need to do is print and assemble our Mamma Claus Apron Sewing Pattern.

Remember to skip the belt loop pattern, as we won’t be needing it for this tutorial.

2. Cut your Fabric.

Pre-wash all your fabrics before cutting them. Ideally, leave them to dry in the shadow.

Cut the skirt, add-on, and bodice patterns on your main fabric.

Mark the fabric’s front and back if you are working with solid colors.

Then cut the pocket, straps, and belt patterns on your contrasting fabric.

3. Prepare the skirt add-on.

The first thing to sew is the skirt add-on. You have to prep it before attaching it to the main skirt.

To do so, serge the top edge of the add-on. Then sew your bias tape on all the edges, from side to bottom, to the other side.

Use your preferred sewing bias tape technique to do so.

You can use the mitered corners technique to get clean finishes on the edges of the add-on.

4. Assemble the Skirt.

Before attaching the add-on to the skirt, sew the bias tape on the edges of the main skirt the same way, you did with the add-on pattern piece.

Once both pieces have the bias tape on, place the add-on serge part below the main skirt’s hem. 

The overlocked seam of the add-on needs to be above the bias tape of the main skirt’s hem but on the wrong side of the fabric. Make a top stitch above the bias tape to grab the main skirt with the add-on.

5. Prepare the Apron Bib.

To sew the bib, you must first sew all the top edges with bias tape. 

Then sew the neck-straps. 

Fold each strap lengthwise with the right side of the fabric facing together and sew the top and the side of the strap at ¼”. 

Turn inside out and press them, throwing the seam to one side.

Use the bib as a guide to cut a round shape at the end of each strap and serge that open edge.

Pin the straps behind the bib, ensuring that the serged edge is below the bias tape.

Make a top stitch to secure the straps to the bib.

6. Attach the bib to the belt.

Use the belt to attach the skirt and the bib together. The belt will also act as the waist strap.

To sew them, place the pieces as follow matching them by the center out.

One belt layer with the right side facing up.

Bib bodice with the right side of the fabric facing up.

Second belt layer with the right side of the fabric facing down.

Sew the belt from one side to the other, passing by the bib bodice at ½”. 

7. Attach the skirt to the belt.

Now take the belt layer piece on the front and match the lower edge with the center waistline of the skirt.

Both layers should be with the right sides of the fabrics facing together.

Sew the skirt waistline to the belt.

Press both layers of the belt from the bib downwards.

Fold and press ½” of the bottom edge on the back belt layer piece. Sew along to close the open edge of the belt, making sure you sew the belt’s front and back layers together.

And that’s it!!

I hope you liked this tutorial. If you did, please let me know in the comments below!!

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summer apron free sewin pattern

How to Sew an Apron Sewing Pattern

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner

Follow these instructions to sew our Free Apron Sewing Pattern.


1. Print the Pattern

Go to and search for the pattern Mama Claus Apron. Get the free download and print and assemble the PDF Sewing Pattern.

2. Cut your Fabric

Follow the pattern directions to cut your pieces on your preferred fabric. Cut the skirt and bib in one fabric color and the rest of the patterns in another fabric color.

3. Prep the Skirt Add-on

Sew bias tape on the sides and the bottom of the add-on skirt piece. Serge the top.

4. Assemble the skirt

Sew bias tape on the sides and the bottom of the skirt. Then place the skirt add-on behind the skirt hem and pin them together. Sew a top stitch to sew them together.

5. Prep the Apron Bib

Sew bias tape around the bib edge, but skip the hem of it. Sew the straps by folding them in half, lengthwise, and sew at 1/4" and leave the bottom open to turn inside out. Then press the straps flat. Serge the bottom of the straps.

6. Sew the Belt

Place the bib between the layers of the belt and sew at 1/2" from one end (longer side) to the other. Then press down the seams and match the centers of the skirt with the center of the front layer of the belt. Then fold 1/2" to the inside of the back side of the belt. PIn the belt close and top stitch to the whole edge of the belt.

7. Sew the Pocket

Cut a rectangle of 9 x 8 inches and press 1/4" of the seam allowances in. Sew bias on the top of the pocket. Pin the pocket in place and top stitch 1/8" away from the edge.


If you want you can cut the belt longer so you have more strap allowance to tie the knot at your back.

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