Give your sewing room a makeover with this color palette ideas you'll learn to make by yourself. Learn the best hacks for your studio decorations and design to get a beautiful she shed.

I am getting a new Sewing Room!!

And let me tell ya something: I am determined to make this room the happiest of the happy places on earth.

So, on the next couple of months, I will be sharing with you the whole process, I am going to take to build the perfect Sewing Room.

You can take and follow my steps and apply them to your own sewing Room decorations.

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how to plan a sewing room

Do you have a Plan for your Sewing Room?
Every tailor, dress maker, or sewing enthusiast requires a designated sewing room.
It is here that ideas are created and fabrics sewn into great fashion pieces.
You will also have a place for storing your equipment and showcasing your work. Although how you arrange the room is a matter of preference, the room should be well organized if you want to optimize your sewing time.

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