Hello! I am so glad that you clicked here to learn how to sew and download this beautiful free hanging storage pod pattern. 

I was looking for a handing storage pod for a while to hang on my laundry room to put my dirty rags in. 

This was the perfect option. And I am sure that you are going to love it too. 

Keep reading to follow the step-by-step instructions or the sew-along video and make your cute version of these hanging fabric bins.

free hanging storage pod pattern

I am over the moon with these amazing DIY storage baskets. 

In our home, we have multiple rags and kitchen towels that get changed quite frequently. 

And as we do laundry only every 15 days (to be eco-friendly) they accumulate so fast in my laundry room.

We throw them there because our laundry basket is upstairs, plus I don’t like the dirt of those types of rags to mix with my clothes. 

hanging storage pod

They have to be on a separate load. That way, the grease or dirt of those rags and towels won’t affect my clothes.

So I decided that I needed two separate hanging storage bins for each one of those categories.

And this amazing free hanging storage pod pattern was the perfect solution!!

free hanging storage pod pattern

Is such an easy pattern to sew and it looks absolutely adorable hanging wherever you put it.

I chose this pretty panda fabric and to know which bin is which, I embroider two fabric tags with my sewing/embroidery machine.

Using the colors of the main fabric makes these tags the perfect match for the bins.

embroidery tags diy


If you want to use tags as I did, I recommend the size of 3” tall and 4” wide for the text plus ⅜” for the margins.

I left those margins only on the stabilizer fabric under the text and for the main white fabric, I left ½” of the seam allowance.

Then I simply folded and pressed that seam allowance in to make a perfect rectangle.

And of course, before I started to sew the baskets I sewed the tags in the center front of the main fabric. 

For a nice pretty touch, I used a contrasting color thread with a sewing machine blanket stitch.

Doesn’t it look super cute??


If I could change anything on this pattern it will be its length. 

As cute as this length is for storage on other things, for my rags I would love more space.
But that can be easily fixed by lengthening the pattern at the middle horizontally.

These can look amazing in your sewing room organization for your tools and notions if you tag them like this.

hanging storage pod

You can even combine colors or make a rainbow line of hanging storage pods for your wall sewing room decor.

The possibilities are endless.

So let’s go ahead and start with the sew-along video sewing tutorial. And if you want to check out the step-by-step instructions, scroll to the bottom of the video ;).


1. Download the Sewing Pattern

free hanging storage pod pattern

First of all head up here and download the free sewing pattern for these pods. 

Remember to print in real size, or if you would like to enlarge this pattern you can do so at your printing settings.

2. Sew-on the Tags

As I told you above if you are going to use personalized tags for your fabric pods, you have to sew them on first.

Take your main fabric and mark the centers.

Then place your tags just in the middle and sew them with a decorative stitch.

My personal recommendation is to sew them with a contrasting color, that matches the colors on your fabric.

3. Close sides and bottoms.

hanging storage pod

Fold the pattern with the right sides of the fabric facing together.

Sew the sides of each main fabric and lining.

Then sew the bottoms the same way. 

All the seams are ¼”.

4. Close the base.

hanging storage pod

To close and form the base of this free storage pod pattern, you have to match both corners of the bottom squares.

Pin them and sew them at ¼”.

You will need to leave one of these squares open on the lining so you can turn the basket inside out.

5. Add the loop and close the top.

hanging storage pod

Close a 6” length bias tape of your favorite color. 

Then pin it at the back of your pod using the seam as a guide. 

After that, turn the lining with the right side of the fabric out and insert it on the main fabric piece.

hanging storage pod

Match from the seams out and pin or clip your seam allowances.

Then, close it at ¼”.

6. Turn inside out.

Using the opening of the lining square pull all the pieces inside out.

Press the hem from the inside of the bin, so no marks remain on the outside.

7. Close the lining

free hanging storage pod pattern

Now to finish, we are going to close the space of lining we left open.

To do this fold the edges ¼” matching the corners. 

Pin or press.

And finally, make a top stitch to close this zone.

free hanging storage pod pattern

And you are done!!

Now you have a beautiful (hopefully more than one) hanging storage pod all for free! Now up to hang that beautiful basket and fill it up with all your goodies.

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  1. NEVER MIND!! LOL I figured it out! I was to use the pattern on a folded piece of batting! Duh!

    1. Author

      Ow! That’s fine. I am glad you could figure it out!!

  2. This may be a silly question; however, when you cut the batting if it for the full size of the folded pattern or just one side. If one side, it doesn’t have batting on the back??

  3. I just made two of these for my daughter from your pattern that she bought! They are adorable. She is using them for masks. One for clean ones and filters; the other for dirty one to launder.

    1. Author

      Great idea!! They can be placed near the door to drop off or take in when coming and going! :O!!

  4. Thank you so much for this pattern.
    I’ve been looking for days for a solution to store dirty cloths, used for medical issues, seperatly in the laundryroom because I don’t want to mix them with the rest of the laundry. I haven’t found anything that felt just right. This will be perfect as I can both hang them and also wash them. Thank you so much for sharing this for free. I can’t wait to sew some of these. You made my day😃

    1. Author

      Silje, I am so glad that you enjoyed this tutorial! More that it can help you with your clothes. Thank you so much for reading us, and I would love to see your storage pods!! Please tag me on those 😀

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