Embroidered Fall Dish Towel DIY with Free SVG Design


In this post, I will show you how to make this beautiful Embroidered Fall Dish Towel DIY with a fantastic free SVG design from Kara Creates.

I used this SVG to embroider a simple and boring towel. In addition, I added a trim using one piece of my Fall Fat Quarters Collection and bright orange bias tape. 

The result was fantastic! It is perfect for a dish towel for your kitchen fall decorations or even to hang as hand towels in your guest bathroom.

So gather your materials and come with me to create this amazing Fall DIY project for our home decor.

fall kitchen towel tutorial

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Isn’t autumn just the coziest time of the year?

I gotta confess that orange is not my favorite color at all. In fact, I avoid it as much as possible. But when it comes to fall… I just let these golden, bright, and warm colors fill all my sewing projects.

Especially when we talk about home decor, it is like giving your space a warm hug!

Handmade touches have this incredible way of making a house feel like a home, especially during this season of pumpkin spices and colorful leaves.

That’s why today I bring you this simple yet gorgeous sewing/embroidery project. 

fall kitchen towel

This embroidered Fall Dish Towel DIY will put you in the best heartwarming fall creative vibes. 

So, get ready to dive into a Fall DIY mode and make this autumn uniquely yours.

Materials and Skill Level.

For this project, you will use materials that are very easy to obtain. I got my kitchen towels from Joann, but I also saw them on Amazon in a set. 

The terms of the skill level for this project vary depending on your crafting abilities. The sewing part is relatively quite simple. But the use of the SVG design is another topic.

For this project, I embroidered the towel by uploading the SVG file to my embroidery software. I am not going to lie. It was a bit complex to achieve. 

diy fall kitchen towel

I can’t share the embroidery file with you because this design doesn’t belong to me. Below I will give you the source from where I got the SVG so you can use it for your kitchen towel.

You can always go simpler by using the SVG on your Cricut Machine and pressing a vinyl design into a tea towel. 

Embroidered Fall Dish Towel DIY

Preparing the materials.

embroidered fall dish towel DIY

As always, pre-wash your fabrics before starting any project. This step is very important in any of our projects, especially if the finished product is something that is going to be washed often, as is the case for this dish towel.

For this project, I wanted to put to use some of my Fall Fat Quarters that I got for this year’s fall sewing projects. And I decided to go with this pumpkin print with very bright colors.

To match the palette, I got this bright orange bias tape to put on top of the edges of the trim.

I cut the trim to match the width of the towel finishing on the hems. Unfortunately, the fat quarter wasn’t wide enough to cover the entire length of the hem. So, I cut two extra strips to put on each side of my trim to make it longer.

As it was a print, you could barely see the seams. Also, the towel was going to be folded in three parts when hung anyways, and this will also cover the seams at the end.

Using the Free SVG Fall Design.

embroidered fall dish towel DIY

To use this design, I converted the SVG into a JPG, and then I uploaded this last file into my embroidery software. 

From then, the software honestly did all the work in converting the JPG into stitches. 

I proceeded with saving this file into a USB and uploading it into my Brother Embroidery Machine. 

I put an embroidery stabilizer on the back of the towel and a washable stabilizer on top of the towel for better results.

This SVG design belongs to Kara Creates, and she shared it as part of a Fall SVG design bundle that includes many wonderful and more free SVG fall-themed designs.

You can also use this SVG with your Cricut Machine to cut it into vinyl and press it into a tea towel using the same design I showed you here.

That is a great alternative if you don’t have an embroidery machine.

Adding the trim.

diy fall kitchen towel

To enhance this towel design, I decided to add a bold trim of a pumpkin-printed fabric with orange bias tape.

I used this Fall Fabric Bundle and this single-folded bias tape from Amazon.

But if you want to save money, you can always make your own bias tape from fabric you already have at home. I have done it many times, and with my technique of making a continuous bias tape, you can create many yards in minutes.

First, I sewed the printed fabric trim, which I cut with the same width as the original trim of the towel. Remember to fold the ends of the trim ¼” to have a clean look.

diy fall kitchen towel

Then I finished this trim by pining the bias tape right above the edges of the trim. I made sure to cover the raw edges so there wouldn’t be any falling out of the seams.

Finishing touches.

embroidered fall dish towel DIY

Now you can add any additional elements to this Embroidered Fall Dish Towel DIY as you want.

You can also tweak this design to make your own. I suggest using other types of craft trims like pompom trims or lace.

Every element can be a new design, and you make a beautiful creation printed with your style.

Now you have your gorgeous fall towel, take your phone and shoot some pictures to share with me in our Facebook Sewing Club, and get a dozen praises on your excellent job. Whether you stick to the tutorial or add creative twists, your creations will inspire others to try their fall crafting projects.

Thank you so much for taking the time to follow this tutorial. I am so happy to keep making amazing and original projects for you. So save this project for later, and remember to return soon for more inspiration!

Happy Sewing!

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