You are going to love this amazing free Conversation Heart Pillows DIY, the perfect Valentine’s Day sewing pattern to decor your home.

Sew this super easy throw pillow pattern and download all the SVG quotes. Four for love birds and four for angry singles like myself!

Hey, the fact that I am by myself this Valentine’s day doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the holiday.

The conversational heart candy should express your feelings, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what I intended with my candid quotes!

heart pillows diy

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You can do this project to decor multiple rooms of your home. For example, you can place them on your bed, in the living room, all over your Galentine’s Party.

Heck! They even work as Valentine’s Day Sewing Gifts for your friends and family. 

Can you honestly tell me that you wouldn’t be thrilled to receive these pillows at your gift exchange party?

I absolutely love throw pillows, so I really couldn’t pass the opportunity to share with you this beautiful heart pillow pattern.

heart pillows diy

This Valentine’s Heart Pillows DIY Sewing Project will be the spotlight of all your holiday decorations.

And why not?

Also, make a bunch of valentines crafts to pamper yourself by doing a project like the Heart Heating Pads. Pamper your family with Valentine’s Day Sewing Gifts.

Make a traditional love letter in a very original way with DIY Valentine’s Printable Sew Cards, or make a beautiful valentine’s free motion placemat to decorate your dining table on this celebration.

Our Free Heart Pillow Sewing Pattern

In this post, you will find the link to the free download of the heart sewing pattern + the SVG quotes file for you to cut these fun and lovely quotes on your Cricut machine quickly and easily.

And, of course, we are imitating the candy hearts.

You can’t just make one pillow. 

You have to make a bunch in your favorite pastel colors!!

heart pillows diy

Just one of these Heart Pillows DIY won’t be enough.

Who says you need a partner to celebrate this holiday?!

The quotes that I share with you in our SVG are perfect for romantic people and for those persons who have lost hope in humanity…

How to download the free heart pillow DIY pattern and quotes? 

Now let’s get started. First, go to the pattern page to download the files. 

To unzip the folder, open the zipped folder, drag the file or folder from the zipped folder to a new location. 

To unzip the entire contents of the compressed folder, right-click the folder and select the “extract all” option.

Now, you have a pdf with the pattern and an SVG file to use their cutting machine A.K.A Cricut or Silhouette to cut the letters in vinyl.

What do I need to sew a conversation Heart Pillow DIY? 

Felt, cotton, polyester, or cotton-polyester blend fabrics as this material is perfect for press-on textile vinyl quotes. If you want the colors of traditional candy hearts, you can use colors like yellow, white, soft orange, pastel pink, purple or green.

  • Optional decorations:
  • Jute twine
  • Pompons
  • Tulle or Valencian Lace
  • Yarn

How to Make a Conversational Heart Pillow DIY for Valentine’s Day? 

1. Cut your pattern pieces.

heart pillow DIY

Cut two mirrored pieces of the heart’s body. Press fusible interfacing if you need to.

Proceed to cut 1 piece on the fold of the pillow side.

2. Apply your vinyl cut quotes of fabric.

heart pillow DIY

After choosing the quote from our SVG files, mirror and cut out the vinyl with your Cricut machine.

Peel off all the excess leaving only the letters. Then, place your quote in the center of the fabric heart on the right side of the fabric.

Press it following the instructions of your vinyl, remove the plastic from the design, and you are ready for the next step.

3. Close the sideband

heart pillow DIY

Join the ends of pattern piece 2, folding it in half, secure with pins, and sew at ½”.

4. Attach the band to the main heart.

heart pillow DIY

Match the seams of the band to the bottom point of the heart and the top half of the

heart to the other half of pattern piece 2, and pin in place.

5. Sew

heart pillow DIY

Sew ½” and remove the pins as you go.

6. Join the other side of the heart

heart pillow DIY

Place the right sides of the heart’s bodies facing together and pin the second heart to the band.

Sew at ½”, but this time leave 3” open. 

My trick to not forget the opening is to pin those 3” vertically so I know I have to stop when I am sewing.

7. Press and make small notches on the curves

heart pillow DIY

In this step, I encourage you to notch all the curves of your seam allowances before pressing your seams.

Be careful not to cut your stitches!

Clip the corner of the bottom point of the heart, too, so it will look better when we turn it inside out.

8. Turn inside out and insert the filling.

heart pillow DIY

Use the space you left opened to turn the pillow inside out. 

Then insert the craft filling using that same space. Fill until you like the shape of the pillow.

9. Close the open seam.

heart pillow DIY

Close the 3″ space with an invisible stitch, respecting the ½” seam allowance.

You are done!

Heart Pillow Trim Decoration Ideas:

Here are some DIY fun ideas to give your pillow a different and very nice touch to your Heart Pillows DIY.

1. Decorative Band

heart pillows diy

You can use a wide ribbon or another color of fabric such as tulle to cover the entire band of the heart. 

Just place the ribbon on top of pattern piece 2 on the right side and sew it just as the sewing tutorial indicates from step 3.

2. Band with lace trim

heart pillows diy

For this decoration, you have to place the lace ribbon ¼” above the length of the edges of pattern piece 2 on the right side of the fabric.

The bottom edge of the laced ribbon has to be towards the center of our piece. I recommend you hand-baste it, so it doesn’t move when you join the pieces together.

3. Jute twine

heart pillows diy

For this decoration, you will need to have several pieces of jute string ready about 5” to 6” long.

Cross them over your pattern piece 2, and keep them in place with sewing pins. If you are very meticulous you can measure the space between crosses.

If you don’t have sewing clips, you can use tape or clothing pins to hold the pieces in place.

You can also add other cute elements such as mini pompoms and, then finish to sew.

4. Statement Yarn Loops

heart pillows diy

For this design (which is my favorite FYI), you need 4 colors of yarn or a string of 2 to 3 yards, depending on the length you want your loops to be. 

Take 1 string of each color and place them together flat.

Arrange the 4 threads horizontally (from left to right) over your pattern piece 2 and form an inverted “c.”

The idea is to form zigzag path loops to make a seam through the center of these.

Tip: you can hold them in place with tape that does not have too much glue on the sides of the piece so the loops won’t move while sewing.

This will make an excellent gift for your friends and is an easy Heart Pillows DIY Valentine sewing project that any beginner can do, especially if they want to experiment and practice sewing curves.

You can indeed create beautiful moments and a laugh or two with this project.

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