Top 10 Sewing Tools you Need to Sew Faster your Sewing Projects.


We, seamstresses, want o make it all! So it is normal to sometimes feel discouraged by the time you spend sewing your projects, that is why you need these Sewing Tools to Sew Fast.

Each one of these Tools replaces a lot of time we usually spend doing manually. Like the Hemming Ruler that will replace measuring and pinning.

Or the amazing Bias Foot that will help you to skip all the steps of manually bias binding and doing it in only one step.

The Best Sewing Tools If you Want to sew faster? Use the right sewing tools. This tools will make your life so easier that you wish you knew them earlier.

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TOP 10 Sewing Tools to Sew Fast your Christmas Presents this year.

1- A Rotatory Cutter to save cutting time.

Rotatory cutters are most for quilters. But they are also very useful if you want to cut things fast.

This Rotatory Cutter is one of the favorites on Amazon. It makes cutting fabric so fast and smooth and has a safety lock to prevent accidents.

2- Hemming Clips with Ruler to Measure and pin in one step.

Have you ever pin a circle skirt’s hem? Please no! Sucha time taker.

But with these hemming clips, you can measure and “pin” your hems at the same time!

Just fold the fabric and use the clip to measure your hems and hold the fabric together.

3- Sliding Gauge Tool to rapid Measurements

Definitely one of my favorite seamstress tools. This makes marking so fast and accurate. You place it on the edge of your fabric and slide in or out the distance you want.

This Sliding Rule is available at a very affordable price here.

4- This Parallel Tracing Wheel to add Seam Allowances Fast.

Ok. This Tracing Wheel is really one cool tool for sewing.

Use it for mark sewing allowances in your patterns directly in the fabric. Because who likes drawing sewing allowances??

5- Use these pretty Sewing Clips to replace your Pins

Instead of using pins and losing them all around your sewing room, clip and unclip as you sew.

These clips are particularly helpful when you have to pin a thick amount of fabric too. They are so cheap that is totally worth it.

6- A magnetic Seam Guide to sew Straight lines no matter What

I know a lot of my readers won’t need a Magnetic Seam Guide to help them sew straight lines. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of a guide that does the work for you to sew faster!

7- Hate Gathering?? Just Fuse and Pull threads!

Gathering made easy as H!

With this Fuse and Gather tape you will only need to fuse it on your fabric and pull the threads… Is that easy!

All though, if you don’t want to invest in this amazing notion I do have a trick to gather fabric super fast.

8- A Bias Foot to Attach Bias in only one step.

You won’t need to open your bias tape, sew it to one side, fold it, sew it to the other side… Nope! With this bias foot, the job is done in only one step! How about that?

9- A Machine Threaded and Inserter to start sewing Presto

Most Sewing machines come with an automatic or at least a manual needle inserter.

But if yours doesn’t this little tool here will do the job for you. Hey, you can even use it with your Serger!

10- Convenient Ring Thread Cutter to cut on the go

This ring is not only cute, but it is also the most practical thing you could own. This could be the best thing since the wrist pin cushion…

Bonus: Loop Turner to Hook and pull all your straps.

Every sewer needs one of these loop turners in their lives. You will eventually need it and believe me: You’ll love it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story, I was so touched by it as I too can remember so vividly my mum taking down a pair of gold brocade curtains (salvaged from a jumble sale!) and making a beautiful halter neck dress to go to my dads annual dinner dance. We did not have much money and the event was all free but Cinderella did go to the ball and looked amazing sadly mum and dad are no longer with us but the photo of the dress is and I hope they are both still dancing in heaven. The moral of MY story is two things really one being that you don’t always need a vast amount of money to put your creative side to good use and secondly I too consider “do I need this” especially with sewing notions etc and thank you so much for sharing your notions needed rather than the constant plugging of you have got to have this and that! Obviously people who blog do need the advertisements to help little financially but reading your story has made me believe that I do not have to have top market fabrics and notions to sew successfully. Thank you for taking the time to share and for all your experience you are willing to give, you are a true inspiration.

    • Thank you for reading me! It was a little hard for me to disclouse that part of my life. But I know that I am not the only one who has been on that place.

      I did learn a lot. Specially to value a lot more the things I made with my mind and heart. And I am so blessed that to this day I am surrounded of AMAZING creative people whom I can connect with via my blog.

      Thank you for sharing your Cinderella story! I bet you looked beautiful. And at the end of the day that dress was way more valued than a store bougth one.


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