15 Sewing Notions to Save Money you can buy in Bulk


Save money by buying the basic sewing notions in bulk and at a special price.

Spending money on Sewing Supplies and Fabrics feels great until the moment when you open your wallet only to see dust there.

On this list, you will find the best-priced products you can buy in bulk. Actually, save some money and time running to the store in the middle of a project.


These are items every one of us needs by default. So I hope you enjoy this list and you get the chance to save money on the process.

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Sewing Notions you can buy in Bulk to Save Money

1. Assorted Buttons

Here you can buy 600 buttons of different shapes, styles and sizes to have you covered on any project you can possibly make.

Sewing Notions to Save Money.

2. Zippers

Have you ever found yourself sorting like crazy into your notions because you didn’t have the right zipper color for your project? Forget that. Just buy this bundle of 60 pieces of nylon zippers of 3 different sizes (9″, 14″ and 18″).

Sewing Notions to Save Money

3. Elastic Bands

Fold over elastic is a pretty and easy item to finish our sewing projects. Find here 100 yards of 25 different colors for a special price.

Sewing Notions to Save Money

4. Decorative Ribbon

Having different types of decorative ribbon in hand is always good. Give the final touch to your projects with this bundle of 55 yards of assorted ribbons.

Sewing Notions to Save Money

5. Pre-filled bobbins

This one is to save both: time and money. Get this pack of 50 pcs of prefilled bobbins of different colors. This one is great because it also gives you the organizer boxes and 2 measuring tapes.

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6. Machine Needles

Imperative! We must have different types of needles always on hand. For great finishes, we need to change our needles depending on the project. Having this pack of 50 needles with 5 different sizes will help you with that.

7. Sewing Clips that saves money

Buying these clips on craft stores can be very pricy. On the contrary, if you buy them online here, you can get a lot more for less money.

8. Bobbin holders

Same thing for the bobbin holders. You can just buy them here on Amazon and save a lot of money. Plus you’ll have a pretty neat organization.

9. Tailor Chalk

There are a lot of who prefer to use another kind of marking tools. I still prefer the old reliable Tailor Chalk. What ever is your case you can get both of them: get them here.

10. Hook and eyes

These beauties are mostly used for dresses and skirts closures. You can get this pack of 130 different styles and sizes of hooks and eyes.

Sewing Notions to Save Money

11. Snaps of every color

Another super useful notion when sewing is the snap buttons. On this link, you can get a bundle of 400 snap buttons of 20 different colors for a very cheap price.

Sewing Notions to Save Money

12. Lots of pins

Do you always keep loosing your pins too? What a bummer! I found that is best to have back up pins packages. Just in case I lost them all again! How does 1000 glass headed pins sound to you?

Sewing Notions to Save Money

13. Rulers for Quilts

Don’t buy them individually! Save money by buying a great deal of these rulers for quilting in a bundle.

Sewing Notions to Save Money

14. Pattern Paper

This pattern paper is one of the most loved items by seamstresses. It is a 21″ x 225´of translucent paper. Perfect for tracing.

Sewing Notions to Save Money

15. Original Fat Quarters

Not any design. A beautiful and special design of fat quarters has been the best for me. I know that if I need a pretty fabric to pop my designs out I can have enough by getting this kind of bundles.

Sewing Notions to Save Money

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