The Indisputable Best Sergers for Beginners in 2022.


If you are thinking of buying your first serger to satisfy all your needs, in this post, I will show you the best sergers for beginners.

Maybe you already know everything about your sewing machine, and it’s time to take the next step to get better quality in all your garments.

That’s why I made a list that contains the best sergers machines, so you know all their features, functions, stitches, prices, and the most popular Serger Machines on the market.

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best sergers for beginners

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When I used an overcasting machine for the first time, I was a little afraid because I didn’t want to overcut my fabric.

After using it and seeing how attractive and valuable the Serger Stitches are, it became my favorite machine.

I really enjoy sewing with it and seeing the result of using it.

But to buy the Best Sergers for Beginners, you first need to know what this machine does, how many functions or stitches it has, and how it thread it. 

That way, you will know how to find the best Serger Machine for you.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a Serger Machine?
  2. Is a Serger Machine hard to use?
  3. Things to Consider before buying a new Serger.
  4. Best Serger Machines for beginners Comparison Table
  5. The Best Serger Machines for beginners explained.
  6. Editor’s Top 3 Choice

What is a Serger? 

A Serger or an Overlock Machine is a Sewing Machine that makes an overlock stitch to finish the raw edges on one or more layers of fabric, preventing them from fraying.

This machine is helpful for sewing knit fabrics garments and keeping their natural stretch.

Now, if you are looking to get a serger machine, you probably know some of this information so that I won’t go too deep about this topic. But if you have no idea at all about this machine, you can read our post “What is a Serger Machine?”, in which I explain it in full detail.

Is a Serger Machine hard to use?

One of the most challenging issues of the Best Sergers for Beginners is not knowing how to thread a serger machine.

This process is very meticulous and takes a little time to learn because it is more complicated than the sewing machine.

But it is nothing that can not be solved with a bit of patience and with the help of some tools that facilitate the work of threading.

You need to consider, though, that learning how to Thread a Serger correctly is very important to avoid sewing issues in the future with this machine.

Trust me. You won’t believe how many stressful situations I have had because one thread wasn’t fully threaded in the tension disks.

Of course, it is hard. But don’t worry, this is the hardest part of sewing with a Serger. And once you learn how to do it, you will be able to re-thread your serger machine threads without doing it from scratch.

What things should I consider before buying a Serger Machine? 

1. How do you plan to use it?

Ask yourself how much will you actually be going to use this machine?

Do you just want it to finish the raw edges of the fabrics? Or do you also want to sew complete garments with it? 

If you don’t want to sew clothes, you might want to consider all the other ways you can finish the raw edges of the fabrics with and without a regular sewing machine. 

There is always a way, but of course, having a serger will also give you the chance to make sportswear and knit fabric garments.

If you see those things in your future in sewing, then you definitely want to invest in a Serger.

2. Budget

Some machines’ prices ranged from USD 250 to USD 700.

Each one can cost more depending on how durable it is, the more accessories or functions it has. 

One of the cheapest machines on the market may be a three-thread serger. Although the ideal Serger for anyone should be the 4 thread serger, a 3 thread one can make the basic stitch.

Among the most expensive ones, we have the 5-thread sergers, which give you a more secure and professional stitch.

3. Sewing level

Of course, every one of us wants the fancier and Best Sergers for Beginners on the market. But that might not be the best choice initially if we won’t know how to take advantage of it.

If you are just starting in sewing, you may not use your overlocker as much and only use it for small projects.

But if you are an experienced sewer and want to dedicate yourself to sewing, you may need a fast and durable machine that will work right in all your projects.

4. Brand

They say brand and prices don’t equal quality. That statement is false in sewing machines.

I have learned that the hard way.

Two of the best-known brands of sewing machines are Singer and Brother.

They have been in the market for a long time and are known for their excellent customer service. They are easy to repair and find spare parts for. But some of their machines are better than others.

Brother offers a lower price range and has more model options than Singer, but Singer usually has a more significant number of stitches available.

You may also have heard of Janome (a Japanese manufacturer) and know which has high-quality products at competitive prices and offers durability.

This is the brand that I use and that I like for the quality of its finishes.

5. Return policy

Most brands come with a 1 or 2-year warranty.

And not all machines can be tested, and some may have manufacturing errors or shipping damage.

So it is pretty important to check this point on your next purchase. 

I like to buy my sewing machines on amazon because they have a pretty nice return policy with almost no questions asked. While on the machine, customer service is harder to get straight answers, and you have to pay for shipments and sometimes for repairs.

6. Repair Services

If your machine has a problem, it can be sent to the manufacturer for repair, depending on the situation. Also, you have to know or investigate near your location if there is a specialist who can help you.

7. Maintenance dealership for parts replacement.

There are a lot of videos on the internet that can help you give essential maintenance to your machines. This will help you avoid minor issues caused by dirt or lack of oiling.

But even with that, we should periodically take our machines to a specialist for maintenance. 

Check that your nearest repair guy or gal can service the brand of machine you will get.

If you search the internet, you can find sites that sell machine parts and can deliver them to your home.

Search for the machine name you are interested in buying. That way, you can see how difficult it is to find the parts. You can also easily find pages on the internet with the parts for your machine.

8. Having the Basic Knowledge of how to use a Serger

Now you have the Best Sergers for Beginners, and that’s great. But do you know what to do with it?

Even with years of experience, I needed the guidance of experts like Olga and her book on how to use a Serger Machine from scratch to Pro.

This is very important, and you have to read it to know how to use your machine. The book covers parts, accessories, how to thread it, its stitches, maintenance, and so much more.

When I was a student, I had an industrial serger at school, which was a 4-thread. 

Industrial machines are great, but they are a considerable investment. Not to mention they take a lot of space. So consider that if you want to get this type of model.

If you want to know the different stitches of the overlock machine and its functions, I have a guide on serger stitches.

There, you will identify which stitch you need for your following projects.

Best Sergers for Beginners Compared

Serger NameRatingPriceBuild-in of StitchesSPM
SINGER-ProFinish 14CG7544.5Under $250 USD61,300
JUKI MO654DE5Under $370 USD71,500
SINGER-14T968DC4.5Over $500 USD141,300
Brother-1034DX4.6Under $280 USD51,300
SINGER-S02304.5Under $250 USD71,300
Janome MOD-89334.6Over $350 USD71,300
SINGER-14J250 Stylist II Serger3.7Under $300 USD61,300
Best Serger Machines for Beginners Comparision Table

(Click on the name for full review)

Best Sergers for Beginners. A comprehensive Buying Guide Explained.

1. SINGER-ProFinish 14CG754

Stars: 4.5 | Price range: $250-$300 USD | Build in stitch function: 6 | Stitches Per Minute: 1,300

This Serger can be used by beginners and experienced sewers as well.  It is light to carry, and its stitches can be used for any project. This type of machine is not intuitive, so you must read the manual to use it correctly. It is sturdy enough for home use. And it’s popular enough to have a lot of videos on the internet to help you with any problem.

The reason why many people buy this machine is due to its excellent price.

It can sew up to 3 layers of fabric, although people say that sometimes it can get a little stuck (as almost any machine does). 

But the quality of its sewing and the design of the machine makes it perfect. 

This machine is for you if you want to make hems with good finishes without spending too much money.

With its variety of stitches, you can make anything from decorative stitches to stretch stitches and safety stitches. And don’t be afraid to thread your machine. It has a helpful visual guide for threading the machine (color threading). And if you practice with the tension, stitch length, and stitch width, you will be able to master this machine and find the best stitch for your projects.

SINGER-ProFinish 14CG754 – Functions & Special Features:

  • 2-3-4 Thread Capability: 4 Thread Mock Stretch Stitch, 3 Thread Mock Stretch Safety Stitch, and 2 Thread Overlock Stitch. And has 4 built-in rolled hems perfect for skirt hems.
  • Adjustable Stitch: You can modify its stitch length and width to accommodate various fabrics.
  • Adjustable Tension: useful to modify the thread tension depending on your types or weights of thread.
  • Free Arm-It can easily sew hems and cuffs.
  • Movable Upper Knife: The upper cutting blade can be moved to avoid unwanted cuts (perfect for beginners).
  • Color-Coded Lay: has a printed color chart for easy threading.
  • Accessories Included: such as its all-purpose foot (the usual), a pair of needles, tweezers to thread the machine better, a small screwdriver (necessary to change the needle or the foot), an instruction manual, and some basic parts such as the connector and the foot control.

How to know if SINGER-ProFinish 14CG754 is for me? 

This machine is very affordable. It can achieve decorative, stretch, and professional finish safety stitches. You can use it all for any project, and you can find many videos on the internet on how to use it.

It is perfect for anyone as it is easy to use. Just read the instruction manual, and you are ready to start sewing your projects. It is perfect for professional finishes at a great price.


Stars: 5 | Price range: $350-$400 USD | Build in stitch function: 7 | Stitches Per Minute: 1,500

This machine can sew projects using lightweight and heavyweight fabrics, such as denim, vinyl fabric, upholstery, and cotton fabric. It is easy to thread, adjust and use. Like most machines, it has a knife that will cut through anything, even 2 or 3 layers of fabric. Recommended by sewing professionals as it is durable and valuable for any project.

It is a very safe model since it cannot be sewn with the door open to prevent the needle from jumping out if it breaks.

It is quieter than any other of the Best Sergers for Beginners and does not move or shake like most.

This machine can be compared to an industrial machine but at a better price. It is highly recommended for beginners to follow a video on the internet. You can also thread it the first time using the rolled hem function and much more.

Also, its compact size makes it perfect for placing anywhere.

It is a versatile choice and can be your next item in your sewing room.

You can make tablecloths, quilts, lingerie, shirts, etc. And if hemming is your specialty, this machine is for you. But hemming is not all that it does. You can also sew woven tape, elastics, sequins, and ribbons.

JUKI-MO654DE – Functions & Special Features:

  • 2-3-4 Thread Capability: 4-Thread Overlock,3-Thread Flatlock,3-Thread Narrow Overlock, 3-Thread Rolled Hem, 3-Thread Overlock, 2-Thread Rolled Hem, 2-Thread Overcast.
  • Adjustable Stitch: this machine has a turn dial on the exterior right side that can easily change the stitch length (1-4mm). 
  • Sewing Width Gauge: you can quickly eliminate seam allowances since it has guides up to 1” on its guard cover.
  • Lower Looper Threader: You can thread much faster by simply sliding the thread into a slot and snapping the looper back into place.
  • Automatic Rolled Hemming: no need to change the foot or plate, its universal foot is easy to use to control and manage your fabrics with your fingers.
  • Lower Knife Adjustment Knob: you can quickly adjust the lower knife to change the fabric width for perfect seams or rolled edges.
  • Upper and Lower Loopers: They are industrial strength, so they are very durable, excellent for extended jobs, and can be used with a wide variety of yarns.
  • Color-Coded Threading Guides: have colored, illustrated guides so you can identify what each thread is for and where it should go.

How to know if JUKI-MO654DE is for me?

If you do not want to complicate your life, you want a good machine that lasts for several years, and its finish is professional. This Best serger for Beginners is your machine.

Do not hesitate if what you love is sewing, and you do it all the time. This machine is at the level of industrial machines but at a reasonable price, less noisy and much lighter. You will love it!

Do you want to learn more about this Serger Machine? Read my full review of the Juki-MO654DE here.

3. SINGER-14T968DC

Stars: 4.5 | Price range: $500+ USD | Build in stitch function: 14 | Stitches Per Minute: 1,300

A combo of an Overlocker and a Coverstitch machine. This high-end machine ensures you have elegant coverage on all your finishes. It can sew ultra-thin and thick fabrics (no more than 4 layers).  And best of all, it cuts, sews a seam, and does the overlock seam all at once, saving you a lot of time. It has 3 needles perfect for sewing sleeves and includes numerous accessories. Some are sewing machine tweezers, a mini screwdriver, and different presser feet.

If you are a costume maker, this machine can be helpful for you because it can do the work of 5 different manufacturing machines. 

It can do a straight stitch, cover stitch, chain stitch, blind stitch, purl stitch, and with additional presser feet, it can sew a host of hems and finish. It is competitively priced compared to other machines offering the same variety of stitches.

The definition of quality and price.

If you are a beginner and are impatient, this is not the machine you are looking for. Its wide variety of stitches and its 5 threads add more difficulty when threading, but it is not something that cannot be solved with patience. As well as being a quality machine, the idea is to use the correct replacement needles (not domestic machine needles) for a perfect fit. It is also worth spending a little more on quality threads to give you garments that will last for years and wash cycles without breaking.

SINGER-14T968DCe – Functions & Special Features:

  • 2-3-4-5 Thread Capability: Double chain stitch, 2-thread wrapped edge overlock, 2-thread overedge, 3-thread overlock, 3-thread flatlock, 3-thread ultra-stretch mock safety stitch, 4-thread ultra-stretch mock safety, 4-thread safety stitch, 5-thread safety stitch wide, 5-thread safety stitch narrow, cover stitch narrow (2.8mm), cover stitch wide (5.6mm), triple cover stitch (5.66mm) and 3-thread rolled hem.
  • Adjustable Stitch Length & Width: You can adjust the seam allowance to match the type of fabric you want to sew.
  • Fully Automatic Self-Adjusting Tension System: ideal for stitches to suit all types of fabrics
  • Differential Feed: This foot keeps the fabric from stretching and puckering and is helpful for your bias cut fabrics and knit fabrics. 
  • Attachable Clean Pocket: This is very useful if you don’t like to mess up your sewing room, as all the scraps you cut will fall into it.
  • Includes Seven Snap-On Presser Feet: For your project All-Purpose, Beading, Blind Hem, Cording, Elastic, Shirring, and Taping. 
  • Moveable Upper Knife: you can move your upper knife into the nonworking position so that it does not cut the fabric and the machine will stitch.
  • Color-Coded Threading System: to make the threading more accessible, you can always follow the color diagram with patience because if you do not thread well, you can break the thread or the needle.
  • Accessories: this machine has a lot of accessories like the Seven Snap-On Presser Feet, Screwdrivers, the clean pocket, spool cap, anti-spill net, oiler, tweezers, and much more!

How to know if SINGER-14T968DC is for me? 

This machine is perfect for those who work in sewing or love to sew all day long. That doesn’t mean that beginners can’t buy it, but to get the most out of this machine, it is ideal for making quality seams and if you are thinking about starting a business.

4. Brother-1034DX

Stars: 4.5 | Price range: $200-$250 USD | Build in stitch function: 7 | Stitches Per Minute: 1,300

It is a sturdy and efficient machine with an incomparable quality-price balance. This machine has a much better DVD than its previous version, Brother 1034D, and also changed the bulb lighting to LED lighting for its new version. It is a top-selling machine with high performance.

It is 3 or 4 thread capacity makes it very flexible for sewing light, heavy fabrics, and knit fabrics.

You can sew several layers of heavy fabrics (like denim) simultaneously.

It is easy to learn how to thread as it includes instructional video and color guides for the upper and lower thread. It has several accessories such as the standard foot, blind stitch foot, and an excellent protective cover. You can change the stitch width between 5mm and 7mm (useful for lightweight fabrics).

Use the scrap trap that collects the scraps you cut when overlocking (and you can remove it if you want).  You can put the foot controller on the trim trap when you are not using your machine and want to travel with it. It is easy to use for ruffles and gathers, and you can also sew decorative edges. Use it for finishing or hemming projects such as sweaters, shirts, bags, hems, quilting, etc.

Brother-1034DX – Functions & Special Features:

  • 2-3-4 Thread Capability: Four-thread overlock stitch, Three-thread overlock stitch 5 mm (3/16 inch), Three-thread overlock stitch 2.8 mm (7/64 inch), Narrow overlock stitch 2.0mm (5/64 inch), and Rolled hemming stitch 2.0mm (5/64 inch).
  • Removable trim trap: keep your workplace clean, this machine usually leaves a lot of small fabric scraps, so this helps you keep the scraps in one place for easy cleaning.
  • A differential feed ratio of 0.7 to 2.0: controls the movement of the feed teeth for a clean seam without puckering or gathering.
  • Stitch width control: This machine has an adjustment dial to easily change the stitch length between 5.0 mm (3/16 inch) and 7.0 mm (9/32 inch).
  • Color-coded threading guides: The color-coded guide shows you exactly where the thread should go, so you don’t have to pull out the manual every time you thread.Accessories: softcover, accessory bag, tweezers, thread net, thread spool cap, cleaning brush, hexagonal driver, needle set, foot controller, and instruction DVD. But you can buy optional accessories for more finishing like Blindstitch foot, Gathering foot, Pearl sequence foot, Piping foot, Taping (elastic) foot, and Trim trap.

How to know if Brother-1034DX is for me? 

With a competitive price, this machine can be the one you are looking for if you don’t want to spend a lot of money to get good finishes on your work.

Also, you can easily find parts on the internet if the blade is worn out or if you want to buy some extra machine feet.

5. SINGER-S0230

Stars: 4.5 | Price range: $200-$250 USD | Build in stitch function: 7 | Stitches Per Minute: 1,300

This machine is quiet, smooth, and easy to use.

The manual can be downloaded on the internet and is complete as it explains how to thread and the machine’s configuration depending on the stitch and type of fabric you want to sew. I really liked it. It saves you time as it is faster than other machines because it sews and makes a nice finish and trims the excess fabric.  So you can have a nice finish and a store-bought garment with a variety of threads.

It is effortless to thread. According to reviewers who have bought this machine, it is effortless to thread.

Many videos on the internet can help you thread it in just 15 minutes. It is a solid machine and has a good weight, so it will not move when you are sewing. And its blue color is a nice change from other simple white machines.

You can sew any garments, such as shirts, knit tops, bikinis, pants, skirts, even towels, napkins, and bedspreads. This machine secures your garments, and even if it is a stretch fabric, it will keep its natural elastic, and sheer fabrics will not wrinkle. It has a free arm on which you can sew sleeves and small cuffs. If you are interested in sewing children’s clothes, pay attention to this!

This serger machine will give a professional finish to your following projects.

SINGER-S0230 – Functions & Special Features:

  • 2-3-4 Thread Capability: 4–Thread Overlock, 3–Thread Overlock, 3–Thread Narrow Edge, 3–Thread Flatlock, 3–Thread Rolled Edge, 2–Thread Overedge, 2–Thread Wrapped Overlock, Wide, 2–Thread Rolled Edge.
  • Adjustable Tensions & Stitch Length: thanks to this, you can adjust your stitches to suit all types of fabrics.
  • Accessories: Needle pack including two needles, size #14/90, Screwdriver, Tweezers, Allen key to change needles, 2-thread overlock converter, and a Foot Control.

How to know if SINGER-S0230 is for me? 

This beautiful blue machine can help you improve the quality of your stitches. 

If you have a small business, there are many comments from people who use it for their work. After using it for a year or more, they are pleased with the result. So it is a good choice if its features suit your next plans.

6. Janome MOD-8933

Stars: 4.6 | Price range: $350-$380 USD | Build in stitch function: 7 | Stitches Per Minute: 1,300

People love this machine because all the threads are already threaded, making it easy for beginners and advanced users.  With its 3-4 threads, you can make different stitches, adjusting its width and length to sew any kind of fabric.  Its design is robust. It is not as noisy as other machines, and its mechanism achieves precise stitches for a good finish.

You can do projects with denim, knit fabrics, and transparencies just right for anyone who likes to do crafts. Thanks to the quick-change rolled hem. You don’t have to worry about fabric stretching or puckering. Turn the dial-up when using fabric that stretches or pucks easily, and turn it down to make the fabric firm.

It can turn off the knife, so you don’t cut the fabric, so you can try it out without fear if it’s your first time with a serger. And if you like rolled hems, you can play with the length and width settings on your machine to get different styles.

This machine is easy to use and is loved by beginners and sewing enthusiasts alike.

It has an open thread that makes it easy to see the threading on the lower part of the machine.  It also has a slider setting for the lower looper pretension so that you can thread much easier. You can also find a 5-year warranty with this machine, which is fantastic!

Janome MOD-8933 – Functions & Special Features:

  • 3-4 Thread Capability: rolled hem, narrow hem, picot edge, 4 thread overlock, 3 thread overlock reg width, 3 thread overlock wide, flatlock.
  • Adjustable Tensions & Stitch Length: You can adjust your stitches to do a pretty rolled hem look.
  • Retractable Upper Knife: It is designed to be easily retracted for fast and safe sewing.
  • Differential feed: controls the movement of the feed teeth for a clean seam without puckering or gathering.
  • Quick Change Rolled Hem: with this, just turn the dial-up when using fabric that stretches or puckers easily and turn it down to make the fabric firm, easy and fast.
  • Color-Coded Thread Guides: You can follow a color guide to thread the top and lower threads and a wide-open thread on the left side of the machine for better visualization when threading.Accessories: Instructional DVD, 4 Spools of Thread, General Purpose Presser Foot, Screwdrivers, Tweezers, Set of Serger Needles, Instructional Manual (a complete guide, but it does not specify well how to make each stitch), Power Cord, Foot Controller

How to know if Janome MOD-8933 is for me? 

If you like crafts, want to give a better look to your finishes, or are a fashion enthusiast, this model is for you.

Beginners and experts recommend it, and its warranty says it all. It is a durable machine with a fantastic price-quality value.

7. SINGER-14J250 Stylist II Serger

Stars: 3.7 | Price range: $300-$320 USD | Build in stitch function: 6 | Stitches Per Minute: 1,300

If you are looking for a serger machine to start sewing from scratch, this is a good choice.

You don’t want to spend too much, right? This machine offers you a good quality product at a reasonable price. It has outstanding features, such as its variety of stitches, ideal for any project, and speed. You can open the cap entirely, so it is easy to thread and clean.

It can be used for a very long time if properly cared for.

You have to take the time to set the tensions properly so that the machine can work perfectly.

And if you are studying sewing consider this machine, as it may help you get higher finishes. Although some buyers report that when using it for a long time, the machine can move around when sewing, that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with adhesive patches or a good mat. This does not affect the quality of the stitching and the machine’s performance.

It has the exact requirements as any other machine. You can modify the width and length of the stitch to use any fabric. And what stands out the most in this model is its color guide for threading. This machine is famous for how easy it is to thread, it also has illustrative pictures and has a manual so you can configure the machine depending on the stitch you want.

SINGER-14J250 Stylist II Serger – Functions & Special Features:

  • 2-3-4 Thread Capability: 2-Thread Wrapped Edge Overlock, 3-Thread Overlock Stitch, 3-Thread Wrapped Edge Overlock, 3-Thread Flatlock, 4 Thread Mock Stretch Stitch, Rolled Hem Stitch.
  • Wide Open Threading & Needle Threader: If you want to thread the machine, you can open the front to see the loops and make threading more manageable, plus the needle threader makes the job easier.
  • Differential feed: eliminates fabric puckering and stretching on all your fabrics.
  • Adjustable Stitch Length & Width: You can adjust the seam allowance to match the type of fabric you want to sew.
  • Accessories: All-Purpose Foot, Brush, Screwdrivers, Stitch Fingers, Two Thread Converter, Oiler, Extra Cutter, Wrench, Cutting Width Gauge, Needle Threader, Needles, Thread Nets, Spool Discs, Spool Holders, Spool Caps, Thread Spool, Tweezers, Soft-Sided Dust Cover, Instruction Manual, Foot Control, Power Cord.

How to know if SINGER-14J250 Stylist II Serger is for me? 

This machine can be helpful if you are just starting to sew. It is the perfect partner for your sewing machine.

You will achieve new finishes that will give more value to your work and make them look great. Perfect for beginners who can’t afford to buy a high-end machine.

Best Sergers for Beginners Editor’s Choice

After all this research these are the Top 3 Machines that stood out in these categories:

Let me know in the comments if this post was useful to you and if you have any questions at all.

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  1. You are doing your readers a great disservice by encouraging them to buy a serger (or sewing machine) from Amazon. Machines bought from a big box retailer are of a lower quality then what is purchased at a sewing machine dealer. Staff at machine dealers are experts on their machines and will be able of offer assistance on selecting the right machine for your needs. A majority of dealers will also offer free classes to teach the user how to operate their new machine. Machine dealers usually offer repair and maintenance services.

    • I would have to agree to disagree on that one dear.
      In my experience, Amazon customer service is way easier to deal with than any dealer I have bought machines to. When I bought my Juki and it came “wrong” I tried to go with the manufacturer first, it was a pain in the bootie. Not to mention they where giving me unreasonable times of repairs (for a new machine) and no guarantee that the repair was going to work. Then I went into Amazon and in less than 15 minutes I managed to get a return for this machine and get a new one. As easy as that. My new machine was with me in perfect condition in less than a week.

      I do have to agree that some dealers offer classes and that’s pretty great! No argue there.

      But as for the other thing I would rely on Amazon Customer Service. Especially if you are a prime member.

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