Change Serger Threads

Never re-thread again! The best way to change serger threads.

Many people have told me that one of the most frustrating moments of sewing is to Change Serger Threads on their machines.

And I get it. Opening the lid of your overlock machine is a bit scary.There are many specific numbers and places through which each thread has to pass. Places by which, if it does not pass correctly, your Serger/Overlock Machine will simply -refuse- to stitch.Change Serger Threads


But, Did you know that it is not really necessary to even open the lid in order to change your Serger Threads?

In this Post, I will tell you the secret shortcut to change the threads of your Serger Machine quickly and without errors. The best thing is without having to see the instructions! You will see that after learning this trick you will never re-thread your serger the same way again.

I have created a video of this tutorial so I can show you in live action the 6 steps to re-thread your Serger/Overlock Machine.

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The Best way to Change Serger Threads in 3 minutes or less.

Picture Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

With your machine off, lift the foot of the machine and then place the needle at its highest point.

Change Serger Threads

Step 2

Cut the current threads as close as you can to the thread cone (to leave a good piece of thread hanging) and then remove the cones.

Change Serger Thread


Put the cones of threads of the new color in their corresponding place and now you will have to take the ends of the two threads and make a knot with them. (Are seeing now where we’re going with this?) Make sure the knot is strong and small. It is not necessary to make a double knot as long as the knot does not break easily.

Change Serger Thread

Step 4

Pull the remaining threads near the foot to undo the chain and separate the 3 (or 4) threads.

Change Serger Thread

Step 5

Now what you have to do is pull each thread, one at a time to make the new thread travel all the way through which the old thread was.

You will notice that the thread can “get stuck” in certain places. Like through the tension (the colored wheels). So, use your free hand to carefully untie the part of the knot. This will allow it to continue on its way until it comes out the other end.

Note about the thread of the needle: The thread of the needle will stop traveling when it reaches the needle hole, so you must cut the knot here and thread the needle by hand as you usually do.

Change Serger Thread

Change Serger Thread

Change Serger Thread

Change Serger Thread

**Note: The thread of the needle will stop traveling when it reaches the needle hole. When this happens you must cut the knot here and thread the needle by hand as you usually do.**

Change Serger Thread

Change Serger Thread

Step 6

Cut the remaining threads and Start sewing.

Change Serger Thread

Did you see how easy it was?

I hope you loved this trick the same as I did when I first learn it. If so, please leave a kind comment about your opinion. I always read and respond!!

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