This year, I decided to make 12 Sewing Resolutions for what I am most passionate about, sewing.

I want to improve my Sewing Skills, organize my Sewing Room, and Sew more for Myself.

That is why I decided to put my organizational skills to good use and make an actionable plan to achieve all my resolutions for this new year.

In this post, I want to share with you my sewing plans to grow my skills and sewing projects for this year. And, of course, give you a free planner for you to make and plan your own new year’s sewing resolutions.

sewing resolutions

Every New Year’s Eve, something Magical happens.

The world is giving us the gift of “A fresh start.” We can treasure the good and forget the bad of last year and plan from scratch a new one.

For me, this year came with many changes and challenges.

A lot has changed since I wrote this post in 2018. 

These past couple of years brought a tough time to many of us as a human race. 

But it also allowed us to reconnect with ourselves and our families in a way that many people forgot.

And a wonderful thing I picked on too. A lot of you guys started to or took back sewing!

I can’t even tell you how happy it made me read all your stories.

The sewing community grew exponentially! First stitches there, undusted sewing machines over there…

Everyone helps and teaches each other now.

sewing pattern flat

Growing your Sewing Skills in 2022.

I made this blog for many reasons, but the main one is because I want to have a way to share my passion and projects with you guys.

You are loving, creative, and kind people that love sewing as much as I do. And want to be in a community that understands and supports that.

Yes, this was definitely a great year for sewing. 

I learned new techniques, made a lot of new patterns, and created fantastic sewing and DIY projects.

And one of the reasons I think I accomplished so many things was that I plan for them.

Not in the strict “businessy plan for it.” 

But I did have my wishes and resolutions near my head and heart.

And in that way, I was able to see the opportunities and things I had to do to make everything happen.

This year I want to do the same.

Sewing is my passion and my business. That’s why I want to improve that part of my life this year.

2022 free printable calendar

First of all, I have made a list of 12 sewing-related resolutions.

These are all about what I want to do this new year, sewing-wise. I have made a goal and a plan to achieve each one of these. 

And, of course, a free printable planner to help me keep track of each one of them. Month by month.

When you download the free printable, you will get a copy of this year’s calendar in which you can write down your own goals.

2022 free printable calendar

As a plus, each month includes a link to a tutorial for you to challenge yourself and learn a new sewing skill.

You can find this calendar at the end of this post, but first, let me tell you about some of my sewing resolutions.

I am sure that you will be able to use my plans to build your own resolutions for this year.

My 2022 Sewing Resolutions:

1. Learn New Sewing Techniques

I have to improve my sewing techniques to make more attractive and eye-catching garments and sewing patterns.

This means everything from practicing my hand stitching to my serger stitches and functions.

I believe this resolution is something I have to do slowly. Concentrating on one skill at a time will help me master it.

What do I have to do?

I decided to try one new technique each month. It doesn’t have to be a big and difficult one.

But it has to be something new and something valuable to my projects.

On our new year’s calendar, you will find a quick link to a new skill with its tutorial so you can have at least 12 new sewing skills perfected at the end of this new year.

2. Clean and maintenance my Sewing Machines regularly

I intend to take this one very seriously.

One of the biggest sewing mistakes is not cleaning one’s sewing machine.

I have had my sewing and serger machine for a few years now, and I think I only clean them twice in my life.

And even though my machines endured all my long night’s sewing, they end up giving in.

For example, my serger machine ended up giving up just when I needed it the most due to lack of care.

That’s why now I have a new sewing machine and a new and improved Juki Serger Machine; I will take extra care of them.

What do I have to do to achieve this sewing resolution?

I scheduled my Sewing Machine’s Cleaning Day every three months. And I have to tick after I did it, so I don’t miss the last time I did it.

In our printable sewing calendar, you will circle the dates to do this. Easy peasy!

TIP: If you don’t know how to clean your machines check this tutorial where Domenica shows the step-by-step instructions on How to Clean your Sewing Machine.

3. Keep a clean and Organized Sewing Room

sewing room organization

Every person with a good Sewing Room Organization Plan will get this.

If you are sewing something, you are making a mess out of everything.

That is why I decided to start fresh this year, cleaning everything and designating a storage place for my sewing tools, fabrics, and sewing patterns.

This is important because I have to feel good to have new and creative ideas for my projects. And a messy room does not make me feel good but rather stressed and comfortable.

The best thing is that you don’t need to do it alone!

Following step-by-step, my free Sewing Room Organization Challenge helped me immensely with this resolution. (Pst… If you want a tip and a Free Printable and tutorial to Organize your Sewing Patterns read this Post)

What do I have to do to achieve this sewing resolution?

Start fresh by cleaning my Sewing Room at the beginning of January and improving my cleaning habits by rating how I keep my room clean each month.

Practicing picking up after myself after every project will help too.

TIP: Use the rule: “Everything has its Place, and every Place has its thing.” There are a lot of craft and sewing room organization hacks to keep everything in its designated place.

4. Sew my unfinished Sewing Projects

Every one of us has made this at least once.

Although I bet, we all have at least three right now in the corner.

Either the thread runs out, or you hadn’t had enough fabric, or another project was more important at the time.

It happens all the time.

You start and leave one sewing project without finishing it. Well, this is the year to finish them.

Unfished projects cause clutter. Clutter takes space. And if you don’t have room, how could you buy more fabrics?

It’s science. 

What do I have to do to achieve this sewing resolution?

I know this sewing resolution will be tough for me to achieve.

New projects are constantly popping into my mind, and sometimes I just start them without any plans.

First of all, I’ll make a list of the pending sewing projects I have. 

Then, I will write down 2 or 3 of my unfinished projects on each month’s page. 

But writing it down is not the only thing you have to do.

I will also choose one day to work only on unfinished projects and finish them before the year ends again.

5. More Selfish Sewing

My work means I have to sew a lot for others.

And even though I enjoy a lot seeing people wear my creations, this year I want to make more pretty things for myself too.

I don’t know if this happens to you too. But sewing for ourselves is the most incredible feeling! 

Even if we have to take our own measurements and fit our patterns without help.

This year, I have to plan and execute sewing patterns for me and only me.

What do I have to do to achieve this sewing resolution?

Make a list of the garments I need and make one or two every month.

Write them down in my sewing calendar and put them where I can see them every day. That way I won’t forget about it.

6. Cut by Half my Stash of Fabric by Using it.

I love buying fabric. Even if I don’t need it, I have to get it.

It’s obvious, though, that I won’t change this hobby of collecting pretty fabrics.

What I do need to do is to commit myself to use the fabric I have already bought.

It can’t stay there just looking stunning. Otherwise, why did I get it in the first place?

This year I realized that anything could happen at any moment. And I don’t want to go saying I didn’t enjoy precious things. Such as my pretty and expensive fabrics.

What do I have to do to achieve this sewing resolution?

I will work my stash on my selfish sewing patterns, either in all of them or in small elements.

7. Don’t Skip the Basics

The basic sewing steps are out there for a reason.

Do you know how everyone says we shouldn’t skip pressing? We really shouldn’t.

All of the different pressing tools serve a purpose. 

The same goes for all the basic sewing skills. They help us keep our garments neat and clean-looking.

What do I have to do to achieve this sewing resolution?

I will be more conscious about my stitches. I will also give myself more time on each project to pause and press, clean threads, cut corners.

Literally cut corners for an excellent and sharp point in my projects, not the other way. FYI.

8. Sew something Special for my favorite Persons

As I said in my Selfish sewing resolution (he, he), I enjoy making things for my loved ones.

But this year, I want to add an extra special ingredient to my sewing projects (apart from love, obviously) to make them even more remarkable.

Rather than making standard sewing projects, I want to spice them up by adding nice and different details.

I won’t make this for every single one of my projects. But I do want to make some of them extra special.

Maybe I will add a custom fabric patch or applique. Or use decorative stitches to make the design pop.

What do I have to do to achieve this sewing resolution?

I get a lot of inspiration from my books. So this year, I intend to get more Sewing Books with techniques and projects to learn and be inspired by them.

Also, I will keep adding Clothes Details Ideas to my Pinterest board so I’ll never run out of ideas.

Finally, I’ll make a list of the lucky people I am making this for and make each of these projects.

9. Make Muslins out my favorite patterns.

Commercial Patterns are great; they are practical and straightforward to follow (for most of them anyway).

But the reality is that every single body is different. 

Making a muslin of your patterns can help a lot to fix and perfect a sewing pattern before we sew it with the actual fabric.

You can write on it, cut it, and rip it apart to perfection.

Mine, in particular, has hips and a booty that is just too difficult to fit. That’s why I started grading between sizes, got the most incredible fitting book ever, and got a lot of muslin fabric.

What do I have to do to achieve this sewing resolution?

Make a Muslin every time I make a new sewing pattern that can probably need fixing, like pants, dresses, and pencil skirts.

10. Get to know my readers

I want to make My Golden Thimble the best Sewing Blog on the net.

And for me to do it, I want to give you the best content possible. This means things that you find helpful, entertaining, and valuable.

What do I have to do to achieve this sewing resolution?

Read you and ask you more questions! 

Read every comment and ask relevant questions to you guys. 

Let’s start now: What kind of post and sewing patterns, techniques, or projects would you like to see in My Golden Thimble next year?? 

Please comment in the box at the end of this post. I will be reading them all!

11. Make the best products for you

I have been looking for your needs, and I realized I could give you so much more every time you click on “Buy this Product.”

So I want to ask you right now what do you find valuable on a pattern so I can make that happen!

What do you find annoying or missing that we can give you?

What do I have to do to achieve this sewing resolution?

As every year, I will be making some improvements and updates to the Sewing Patterns of our Shop. 

Some add the Projector printing option and include more variations for each of them, among other things.

12. Update this calendar and resolutions list every year. (Download 2022 Planner)

Wow. Be honest with me. 

Did you make it here without skipping any part of this post? If you did, thank you.

If you didn’t, don’t worry. I know you want the goodies, and here they are.

I just made this gorgeous new years planner with DIY natural tye-dye fabrics. A wonderful dyeing technique indeed.

Subscribe here so I can send it right to your inbox, ready to print or to have as a screen saver if you want!

You will find the instructions on using this planner inside the PDF to make the most of your sewing life.

I hope this post inspired you to find and discover new sewing projects and skills for next year. Would you tell me if you would put any of these sewing resolutions on your list? Let me know everything in the comment box below!

And before I forget. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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  1. Thank you so much for your blog. I have join your sewing Challenge for my new sewing shop. I couldn’t do the first week because of the cold but i have been busy doing labeling, and some regrouping. my concern is that i haven’t been able to get the calender . hopefully it will show up so i may keep up with the progress. My room is a #$#@%& mess

    1. Author

      Hi Pattie! I am so glad you are enjoying the sewing room organization challenge :D.

      About the calendar, I have seen a lot of girls having issues with this because they aren’t clicking on the right email. So you have to subscribe and then you will get an email with a button link to download the free printable calendar. Did you get that email??

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