Sewing Resolutions

My New Year’s Sewing Resolutions and My Plan to Achieve Them All

This year I decided to make 12 Sewing Resolutions for the thing I am most passionate about: Sewing. I want to improve my Sewing Skills, clean my Sewing Room and Sew more for Myself. This and other things is what I wrote on my list along with an actionable plan to achieve them.

If you ever feel like you want to get better at Sewing, keep reading this post, print my FREE list and join me this year to be a better Seamstress.Sewing Resolutions

Every New Year’s Eve something Magical happens… We are given the gift of “Start Fresh”. We can treasure the good and forget the bad of last year and plan from scratch a new one.

For myself, this year came with a lot of good changes and challenges for me.

First of all, I decided to finally quit my office job to pursue my dream of building my own brand. Then I visited the beautiful city of San Fransisco to learn about Businesses Innovation from the greatest minds I’ve known and took classes from them in the very Stanford University.

It was amazing!

After that my best friend got engaged and I decided to give her as a gift her Wedding Dress. This was the first wedding dress I have ever sew and boy; was that a pickle! It was hard because wedding dresses are a little bit more complicated than party dresses but at the end, it came out beautifully and she absolutely loved it.

In the meanwhile, happened the most amazing thing I could ever wish for: Building and Launching My Golden Thimble’s blog.

I made this blog for a lot of reasons (that you can read here), but the main one is because I wanted to have a way to share my passion and projects with you guys.

Loving, creative and kind girls (and some boys too) that love sewing as much as I do and want to be in a community that understands and supports that.

Yes, this was definitely a great year.

And one of the reasons I think I accomplished so many things was that I plan for them. Not in the strict “businessy plan for it”, but I did have my wishes and resolutions near my head and heart.
And in that way, I was able to see the opportunities and things I had to do to make everything happen.Sewing Resolutions

This year I want to do the same with my Sewing Life.

Sewing is not only my passion but now is my business too, and because of that, I want to improve that part of my life for this year.
I have made a list of 12 points about what I want to do this 2018 and a pocket checklist to help me keeping track of each one of them trough all year.

The list of this blog includes some of my sewing resolutions for My Golden Thimble’s blog, but if you download the free printable you can get the list without my blog’s points and instead have a blank space to include your own Sewing Resolutions.

Sewing Resolutions

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My 2018 Sewing Resolutions list:

Sewing Resolution 1- Learn New Sewing Techniques

In order to make more attractive and eye-catching garments and sewing patterns, I have to improve my sewing skills.

Sewing Resolutions

I decided to try one new technique each month. It doesn’t have to be a big and difficult one, but it has to be something new and something that is useful to my projects.

TIP: If you want to keep track of new tips and tricks follow this board on Pinterest.


Sewing Resolution 2- Clean my Sewing Machines regularly

I intend to take this one very seriously. I have had my sewing and serger machine for a few years now, and I think I only clean them twice in my life… And even though my machines endured all my long night’s sewing. My serger machine ended up by giving up and just didn’t wanted to sew anymore.

Sewing Resolutions

I scheduled my Sewing Machine’s Cleaning Day every 3 months. And I have to tick after I did it so I don’t miss the last time I did it.

TIP: If you don’t know how to clean your machines check this tutorial where Domenica shows the step by step on How to Clean your Sewing Machine.

Sewing Resolution 3- Organize my Sewing Room

Every person with a Sewing Room is going to understand me: If you are sewing anything, you are making a mess out of everything. That is why I decided to start fresh this year cleaning everything and designate a storage place for my sewing tools, fabrics, and sewing patterns. (Pst… If you want a tip and a Free Printable to Organize your Sewing Patterns read this Post)

This is important because in order to have new and creative ideas for my projects I have to feel good. And a messy room does not make me feel good but rather stressed and comfortable.

Sewing Resolutions

Start fresh by cleaning my Sewing Room at the beginning of January and improving my cleaning habits by rating how I keep my room clean each month.

TIP: Use the rule: “Everything has its Place and every Place has its thing” and use Thread Racks, Spool Huggers, Toolboxes, and Clear containers to organize and keep everything in its own designated place.


Sewing Resolution 4- Finish my Pending Sewing Projects

Every one of us has made this at least once. Either the thread runs out, or you hadn’t enough fabric or other project was more important at the time, you start and left one sewing project without finishing it. Well, this is the year to finish them.

Sewing Resolutions

Make a list of the pending sewing projects I have, and finish them before the year ends again.

Sewing Resolution 5- Make more Selfish Sewing

2017 was a lot about sewing for others. And even though I enjoy a lot seeing people wear my creations, this year I want to make more pretty things for my self too.

Sewing Resolutions
Thimble-T (fitted) Sewing Pattern

 Make a list of the garments I need and make one or two every other month.

Thimble-T (fitted) | T-shirt PDF Pattern

TIP: Use the Thimble-T as a basic piece of garment to compliment your outfits. In the next year, we will be adding some hacks so you can take the best advantage of this sewing pattern.

Sewing Resolution 6- Cut by Half my Stash of Fabric by Using it.

I love buying fabric and I have a weakness for shopping and I don’t intend to stop buying I have to make a commitment to myself to actually use the fabric I have already bought.

Sewing Resolutions

Try to implement to my projects fabric of my stash, either in all of them or in small details.

Sewing Resolution 7- Don’t Skip the Basics

The basic sewing steps are out there for a reason. They help us keep our garments neat and clean looking. So this year I will focus more on Pressing Seams, Cut out corners, and all the things that can help my projects to look better.

Sewing Resolutions

Keeping track of my basic sewing habits by ticking each month I did well at this point.

TIP: If you are a Sewing Beginner check this post about the 3 things you need to know before start sewing for yourself.

TIP 2: Check out this post about the 12 Sewing Mistakes you don’t know you are making.

Sewing Resolution 8- Sew something Special for my Top Persons

As I said in my Selfish point (he, he) I do enjoy making things for my loved ones. But this year I want to add an extra special ingredient to my sewing projects (apart from love obviously) to make them even cooler. Rather than making standard sewing projects I want to spice them up by adding nice and different details to them. I won’t make this for every single one of my projects but I do want to make some of them extra special.

Slippers Free Sewing Pattern
Slippery Slippers


Keep adding Clothes Details Ideas to my Pinterest board so I can inspire my self and build ideas for my garments. Then make a list of the lucky persons that I am making this for and make each one of this projects before the year ends.

Sewing Resolution 9- Make a muslin try out pattern first

Commercial Patterns are great, they are practical and very easy to follow (for the most of them anyway). But the reality is that every body is different. Mine, in particular, has this curvalicious hips and booty that are just to difficult to fit in commercial clothes and sewing patterns.

Sewing Resolutions

Make a Muslin every time I make a new sewing pattern that can probably need fixing, like pants, dresses and pencil skirts.

Sewing Resolution 10 (For MGT)- Get to really know my readers

I want to make My Golden Thimble the best Sewing Blog in the net, and in order for me to do it, I want to give you the best content possible. This means things that you find really helpful, entertaining and valuable.

Sewing Resolutions


Read every comment and ask relevant questions to you guys. Let’s start now: What kind of post and sewing patterns would you like to see in My Golden Thimble next year?? Please comment in the box at the end of this post. I will be reading you!

Sewing Resolution 11 (For MGT)- Upgrade My Golden Thimble Sewing Patterns

I have been looking for your needs and I realized I can give you so much more every time you click on “Buy this Product”.

Sewing Resolutions

This year I will be making some improvements to the Sewing Patterns of our Shop. Some of them are adding the A0 printing option and include more variations for each one of them, among other things.

TIP: When you buy one of our Sewing Patterns you get free lifetime updates. This means that every time I make an improvement in the Sewing Pattern you purchased you can download it again at no extra cost to you. Just go to the tab labeled “My Account” and download it again.

Sewing Resolution 12 (For MGT)- Collaborate more

In this post, I shared with you other blogger’s post. I believe that only one person can’t have all the answers and that knowledge should be shared, never keep locked.

Dafhtne Paz

I am going to make a special effort to know and connect with other fellows bloggers and share their post and products, as well as asking they share mine. This will help every one of us to give you the best Sewing Content. Isn’t that all of we want?
Ps: If you are a Sewing Blogger or you have some content you want to share with our community please contact me.

Sewing Resolutions

These are my Sewing Resolutions for this 2018. Do you happen to share any of this resolutions? What are some of your own Sewing and Non-Sewing Resolutions for this 2018?

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Happy Sewing!!

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Sewing Resolutions
Sewing Resolutions
Sewing Resolutions
Sewing Resolutions

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