Popular Types of Skirts with Pictures and Description.

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A wide variety of Types of Skirts is available for all fashionistas. They all have a unique style and design and can be used on different occasions.

In this post, we will talk all about skirts. From their name, the picture, and the description for each one of these skirts. 

But that is not all. We will also talk about a brief story of history and, of course, the anatomy of the skirt lengths.

By the time you finish reading this post, you will be an expert on skirts! I bet that with that you will be able to choose the best style of skirt for you and your whole family!

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Types of Skirts

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A Brief History of Skirts.

Different Types of Skirts have been used since prehistoric times for both men and women to protect the lower part of the body. But after the late middle ages, the skirt evolved. It became customary in the Western world for women to wear only garments with skirts (including dresses) and men with pants. Unless, of course, the men’s job requires different such as robes.

The typical length of a skirt for a woman should cover their feet, as anything showing the ankle would be considered wrong. But as time passed, in the 1920s and 1930s, the skirts became shorter and shorter. And then, after WWII, they became even shorter due to the lack of material caused by the war.

Nowadays, you can find skirts in all types of styles, lengths, and materials. And even though they are still worn mainly by women, non-gender skirts are also making their mark in the fashion world!

What is a Skirt?

A skirt is a separate item of clothing that can start above, below, or at the natural waistline. It can also be the name of the lower part of a dress or a long garment without legs, like a coat or a jacket.

There are many Types of Skirts, but the ones we will discuss here are the most popular ones.

What are the Types of Skirts Lengths?

skirt lengths

Skirts can be found in a lot of different lengths. You can even find length combinations in the same skirt. But these below are the most popular ones.


Extremely short skirt with a length that is less than 15 inches.


It is a short skirt that measures 15 inches from the waist to the hem. The hem on this type of skirt will range about mid-thigh.


This type of skirt is about 1″ or 2″ shorter than the middle of the knee. It is usually 21″ to 22″ long if you measure it from the waist to the hem.


This skirt measures about 23″ from the waist to the hem. The length will be just above the mid-kneecap. Or it can also be 18″ above the floor.


The skirt hemline of this skirt will be about 1″ to 3″ below the knee. The skirt measures 24″ to 27.” from the waist to the hem. The below-the-knee skirt is also called street or cocktail length.


This skirt hemline is located halfway between the knee and ankle, about 14″ from the floor. You can also identify this skirt with the names of the midi skirt or ballerina length.

Below Mid-Calf

The skirt length is about 31″ from the waist to the hemline between the knee and ankle, about 10″ from the floor. This skirt is also called long.


This skirt’s length is below the calf, 33″ long from the waist to the hemline. The length of the hemline can also be 8″ from the floor up.

Evening Length.

This skirt length measures 40″ from the waist to the hemline, which is about 1″ from the floor. You will usually see this length on the night and in party dresses. It is also called a long or maxi skirt.

Floor length.

The approximate length of this type of skirt is 41″, measuring from the waist to the hemline. This type of skirt touches the floor. It isn’t used as much as the evening length because it can be stepped on when walking.

Types of Skirts with Name, Picture, and Description.

Straight Skirt

Types of skirts

The most common type of skirt. This skirt has a slim fit and lays straight from the hipline to the hemline. It has a close fit on the waist and uses darts to embrace the lower body. You can find this skirt with waistbands or not. People also call this skirt sheath or slim skirt.

Pencil Skirt

Types of skirts

The pencil skirt has a slim fit to the entire lower body. The hemline is as narrow as the width of the legs, and it commonly has a slit opening at the back to facilitate walking. Not all pencil skirts have slit openings, as skirts made with knit fabric can allow a usual walk due to their stretch.

A-line Skirt

a-line skirt

This skirt is fitted at the waistline and can have or not have darts. It has a slight flare toward the hem.

Flared Skirt

flared skirt

It fits smoothly at the waistline but begins to flare from there to the hemline. Sewists and pattern-making books show that they can cut this skirt from a ¼ or a ½ circle skirt, which are 2 of the five circle skirt types.

Gathered Skirt

Types of skirts

You can cut and sew this skirt out of a rectangular pattern and gather it at the waistline with the help of a waistband (elastic or plain). The amount of fullness depends on how you want it. You can also find this skirt with the names of a full skirt or a bouffant skirt. 

Circular Skirt

Types of skirts

A skirt from a half, complete, or multiple circles of fabric. It has a hole in the middle of the circle with a diameter that measures waist circumference. A circular skirt with a short length is called Skating Length. 

Belle Skirt

bell skirt

The Belle skirt is slightly gathered at the waistline. Seamstresses add a discreet flare to the hemline. You can stiffen this skirt or support it with a crinoline to form the bell shape.

Trumpet Skirt

Types of skirts

The gored skirt flares severely below the knees. Another variation of this type of skirt is a straight skirt with an added circular pattern piece in the hemline section. You can also call this skirt the swing skirt.

Balloon Skirt

Types of skirts

This skirt emulates a balloon shape. It is fitted at the waistline with fullness gathered at the hemline with the help of a leg band.

Bubble Skirt

bubble skirt

This skirt is gathered at the waistline and the hemline with the help of a band. 

Gored Skirt

Types of skirts

A gored skirt has vertical seam lines. Most gored skirt designs are fitted on the waist with a flare toward the hem. You can find these skirts with four, six, eighth, and even more gores.

Godet Skirt

godet skirt

A godet is a triangle pattern piece inserted between the seams of a garment to add volume or flare. A godet skirt has this triangular pattern of pieces of different heights between the seams of the hemline.

Tiered Skirt

tiered skirt

A tiered skirt has a series of ruffles or tiers that can be pleated, gathered, or shirred with one larger than the previous one. The tiered skirt may be added to a top to sew a tiered dress sewing pattern. You can find these skirts with three or more tires. 

Granny Skirt


The granny skirt has an entire, gathered waistline and a considerable flare at the hemline, which ends with a gathered strip. 

Wrap Skirt

The wrap skirt pattern has two vertical lines open from the waist to the hem. It wraps around the lower part of the body. You can fasten it with ties or buttons from the front, the side, or the back.

Peg Top Skirt

Types of skirts

A peg-top skirt is pleated, tucked, or gathered at the waist and hips but tapering to narrow at the hem. You can also call this skirt a pegged skirt.

Kilt Skirt

Types of skirts

The kilt skirt is originally from Scotland. It has knife pleats, and it is also wrapped around the waist. People fasten kilts with leather straps, buckles, or decorative pins. 

Pantskirt Skirt


A pant skirt is a pair of pants cut to a skirt length with fullness on the legs to resemble a skirt. You can also find these skirts with the name culotte, gaucho, or split skirt.

Draped Skirt

draped skirt

A draped skirt is any skirt with fullness (whether pleated or gathered) on one part of the skirt. You can usually find the drapes starting from the waist, but they can be anywhere on the garment.

Panel skirt


A panel skirt has a divided free-hanging panel in the front or back, giving the effect of a gored skirt. This panel can be removable.

Slit skirt


Straight skirt with vertical openings on one side, the front, or the back of the skirt. The slit can extend to the knee or the thigh.

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