I know what you are thinking… A Christmas Sewing Planner in September? Genius!

Well, I just know it! Christmas is around the corner… (let me believe that please.) And this year we are jumping ahead of time.

I want that all your friends and family get to have a Sewing Gift made by you this year. That is why I made this Incredible Christmas Sewing Planner for Completely FREE!!

With this Christmas Sewing Planner, you will be able to see on a very organized way all your Sewing plans for this Christmas. You will have control over what you have already done and all the information you need for your next projects.

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How does this Free Christmas Sewing Planner work?

On the first page of this Planner, you are going to find a Beautiful Cover page with a Blank Space for you to put the current Year ( I left it blank so you can use this Planner next year, and the next… and every time you want).

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Then you will have 2 more pages:

  • The Sewing Gifts Ideas page
  • The Sewing Projects page

Print either one or both of this pages as much as you need.

Sewing Gifts Ideas | Christmas Sewing Planner page 1

This page is meant for you to write and brainstorm Sewing Gifts Ideas for each one of your loved ones. Write all that comes into your mind and then choose from there what you want to actually make for each person.

Sewing Projects Planner | Christmas Sewing Planner page 2

Once you decided what Christmas Sewing Projects to make and for whom you are making them for, is time to write each of them down on the List of Projects page.

First, you have the checkbox that you can mark on each finished project. Then the “To” box where you are going to write the name of the person who is getting the gift. On “Pattern”, you can write either the name of the Sewing Pattern you are going to use or the name of the project. Ex. You can write Dahlia Dress Sewing Pattern

Then you have the “Measurements” Box where you can write the size or the measurements you will need for this particular Sewing Project.

Finally, we have the “Fabric and Swatches Box” for you to write the name of the fabric you intend to use for this project or even to glue a little swatch of Fabric so you can have a better visual information of your plans.

How do I Download my Free Christmas Sewing Planner?

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I hope you really enjoy this Free Christmas Sewing Planner I made with all my love for you. Please share it with us when you print it on our social media!!

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Happy Sewing!!

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