What is my body shape? Dress accordingly to it.


What is my body shape? and What flatters it the most? Is a question that we should ask more often.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look better on our clothes. No, it isn’t shallow to want to look our best.

And just for preventing measurements. No, I am not telling you what you SHOULD wear as if I were the boss of you.

I am offering wide options of clothing that I know that will flatter your body shape. Because the reality is that this is only a game of optical illusions.

what is my body shape

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Let me ask you something. Have you ever tried to copy a magazine trend just to find out that your final outfit just does not look like the outfit in the model??

Have you made a piece of garment and didn’t look as you imagine it would?

But what is it? Is the same kind of skirt, the blouse, even the same hairdo!

Well, let me tell you a little secret: It has nothing to do with the 00 sizes of the model, or the professional stylist they use to take those pictures. Is all about the body shape.

What is body shape?

Definitions.net define body shape like this:

I know a Mexican saying about fashion that goes: ” A la moda, lo que te acomoda”…

Translated will be something like “In fashion, use what suits you”.

This means that you shouldn’t be just following every crazy trend you see on Instagram.

Is OK to wear whatever you feel comfortable or happy with, but you should know that there is one super-mega-trick to adapt your choosing style to clothing that styles and reflects the best parts of your body and that is: Dress according to your body shape.

I’ve told this before; every body-shape is different, and as human beings that’s OK!!. We’re unique and we should embrace and exploit that.

You have the opportunity to reflect your very best self here just by knowing your body shape and knowing what kind of garments look better on you.

So go get your camera and let’s get started.

What is my body shape?

The first thing you need to do is take a front full picture of yourself using fitted clothes that let your body shape show.

Then you can either print it or draw on it with an editing app the following dots:

  • 1 dot over your left shoulder (Over the joint of the shoulder and the arm)
  • 1 dot over your right shoulder (over the joint of the shoulder and the arm)
  • 1 dot in the left end of your waist.
  • 1 dot in the right end of your waist.
  • 1 dot in the left end of your base hip (The most prominent part of your hip)
  • 1 dot in the left end of your base hip (The most prominent part of your hip)
  • It should look something like this:

Now what you have to do is join the dots and see in which one of the following body types does your body falls into.

What are the body shapes for women?

We know these as the most common shapes a woman can fall into:

  1. V shape
  2. Rectangle
  3. Oval
  4. Pear
  5. Hour Glass


A Rectangle body shape is when your Shoulders and Hips are about the same width and your waist isn’t that defined.

Your chest and your butt are small.

what is my body shape

Best Tops for a Rectangle shape

Use long blazers with defined waists. Belts and waistbands are your best friends.

Wrap waisted blouses will give you the look of a more defined waist. Empire dresses are also great to give a little volume to the lower part of your body.

These are good examples of Rectangle best tops:

  1. Anne Klein Single-Button Blazer Navy Blue (Macy’s)
  2. Amazing Red Twisted Surplice Top (Macy’s)
  3. Maxi Dress with stripes to make the waist smaller (Amazon)
  4. Classy bat sleeve and V neckline with waist belt. (Amazon)

Bottoms for Rectangle shape

When it comes to finding the perfect bottom for a rectangular body shape you should keep in mind the word volume.

If we add volume to your hips this means the upper part of your body is going to look smaller.

This is why you should look for pleated or circle skirts, anything with bows, waistbands or belts at the waist is great.

As for the pants, we will look for classic cuts and back pockets (for volume).

Some examples of great bottoms for rectangle shapes are:

  1. Women’s Classic-Fit Suit Pant ( Calvin Klein on Amazon)
  2. Glamorous maxi full pleated skirt (Asos)
  3. A-Line Pleated with bow Vintage Skirt High Waist (Amazon)

Rectangles should avoid:

Get far away from blazers or jackets that are waist length as these ones will hide your curves. Tunic dresses and heavy clothes are going to have the same effect.

Crossed blazers with buttons will only achieve to make your upper body look like a big square. So say goodbye to these ones too.


The Oval shape is the one with a big chest and shoulders. Wide waist and rounded legs and hips. 

what is my shape this is how an oval body shape looks like

Tops that enhances an oval shape:

Loose blouses with V necklines looks the best on this body type. Long blazers with simple and fewer buttons that overlay at the abdomen area.

On this type of body, we should focus on show some skin at the upper area as this will make your neck look longer.

Also, try to look for small prints to give the illusion of a smaller body.

Check out these tops examples for an Oval shape:

  1. Feminine Curve zip front blouse (Asos)
  2. Women’s Loose Fit one-button blazer (Amazon)
  3. Perfect for summer small lemon print blouse (Amazon)

Great bottoms for Oval shape

Classic pants with straight legs are your best friends. Look for a mid to low waist, and aim for solid colors.

You can rock A-line skirts or pencil ones (not too fitted).

Here are some good examples of bottoms for ovals:

Ovals should avoid:

Stay away from excessive big prints on tops, ultra fitted tops, crops tops, big belts and anything with pleats or gathering on the belly area.

V Shape

V shape: Wide back and shoulders. Small waist and hips and usually long legs.

what is my body shape. find out what looks the best on you

The best tops a V shape body can rock

V or round necklines help the most your upper body look. Long blouses with a defined waist. And blazers without shoulder pads and deep necklines are the best for you.

Peplum and flare tops are great also because they will add volume to your lower body.

Tops with solid colors and easy simple silhouettes will balance your upper body.

Consider this type of tops for your V shape:

  1. Sleeveless Flyaway Top (Macy’s)
  2. Cotton Circle-Trim T-Shirt (Macy’s)
  3. Feminine Tank Top with Lace Crochet V Neck (Amazon)

V shape bottoms:

As the upper part of your body has the most volume you will need to balance that by taking the attention to the lower part of your body.

You can achieve this by using cargo pants, wide-leg trousers, tulip or pleated skirts.

Prints are super allowed and recommended on bottoms!! You can go crazy here. Choose any style of texture or print you like and combine that with a solid top.

These bottoms are great for V bodies:

  1. Flirt Floer printed Skirt (Free People)
  2. Tulip black formal Long Skirt (Amazon)
  3. Slim Casual Cropped Paper Bag Waist Pants (Amazon)

The ones with V bodies should avoid:

Don’t use anything with shoulder pads or wide shoulders as it will only make your upper body look bigger.

Minimize the texture and prints on tops and put them on bottoms.

Boat or halter necklines will also make your shoulders look wider.


Women with Pear-shape has smaller shoulders, defined small waist, big hips, and butt.

Pear best-looking tops

With a pear shape, we are going to make the opposite as with the V shape.

We are going to try to give volume to the upper part of the body so it can balance the wide of out bottom.

Try to look for bat sleeves and wide necklines. Everything with embellishment on the shoulders area is great.

Biker jackets will look perfect as they tend to have a lot of detail on the shoulders.

Here are remarkable top examples for a Pear body:

  1. V neckline boxy top with contrast buttons (Asos)
  2. Women’s Faux Leather Jacket (Amazon)
  3. Batwing Sleeve V-Neck Wrap (Amazon)

Best looking bottoms for pears:

Straight pants without pockets will help to avoid the volume on your bootie.

Also, pencil or A-line skirts at the high waist paired with flare tops will enhance your small waist.

Try this type of bottoms if you are a Pear shape:

  1. Straight Leg Pant with Tummy Control (Amazon)
  2. Bodycon Pencil Skirt with Belt (Amazon)
  3. Button Closure Plain A-Line Mini Skirt (Amazon)

Avoid this on Pear bodies:

Skinny jeans or pants will only make your hips and bootie look bigger. Wrapped and ruffles skirts are the same, so this is a no-no. Very short shorts will take the look at your bottom.


You are an Hourglass if our Shoulders and Hips are about the same width But your waist for the other hand is small and very defined. Your hips and chest are big.

Tops that look good on hourglass bodies.

V necklines and halters are great for showing some skin and look sexy. You can use waisted solid blazers with 2 or more buttons and tunics with belts at the waist will make your body shape pop!

Crop tops will also look great on you, as well as anything waist or hip length.

Check out these hourglass tops:

  1. Cold Shoulder Ruffle Sleeves Shift Dress (Amazon)
  2. 3/4 Gathered Sleeve Open Blazer Jacket (Amazon)
  3. V Neck Slim Fit Coss Wrap Shirts Crop Top (Amazon)

Bottoms for hourglass shapes

Use straight pants at the hip cut. High waisted pants also look amazing on you.

As for skirts, you could literally try anything, but the most flattering ones are the pencil or straight skirts at high waist.

You can see cool examples for bottoms here:

  1. Business Casual Trousers High Waisted (Amazon)
  2. Wide legs High Waist Pants (Amazon)
  3. Casual Mermaid Hips-Wrapped Pencil Skirt (Amazon)

That’s it! Now you got it. The next time you go shopping or make a new pattern take out your cheat sheet and choose the best kind of clothes for your body!

Let me know how this went for you or if you have any questions. I am here for you girl ;)!

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