The favorite day of most of us is finally here, and we have a huge list of Christmas Games for Families that you and your entire family and friends will enjoy.

All of these amazing game ideas are family-friendly but you can sure make them for all grown-ups too!

Christmas games

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Christmas is a magical time when families and friends get together and make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. 

If seasonal movies had taught us anything is that is not the presents under the tree or the grand banquets with fancy or expensive stuff.

It is about the people (or pets) who surround you, the joy that you spend with them. All the moments that you share together are what stay with us.

That’s why I wanted to help you to build those magical moments with one of the joist parts of all Christmas gatherings.

How do you entertain your Family at Christmas?

There are a lot of things you can do at a family gathering. For example, you can do together one Christmas Traditional activity per day. You can also plan a Christmas movie marathon, or make a whole incredible game night using this incredible Christmas Games for Families list.

With this list, you will have no option but to have a lot of fun. And choose which ones you want to play out of these 30 options!!

What are the best Christmas Games for Families?

Out of this very list, I would say that the best Christmas games for families are these top three. The Santa’s hat games, the snow race, and the Jingle Bell Shakes.

All of these games are easy to put together without too much hustle. And money!

You will find all the materials for these games rather affordable or free in your house.

And the best thing is that they will bring the whole family together. You will bond, have fun and build memories.

What are some Fun Christmas Games for Families Friends?

  1. Christmas Game Headbands
  2. Jingle Bell Jam
  3. Hook’em candy cane
  4. What is in Santa’s hat
  5. Christmas Cup tree
  6. Reindeer toss
  7. Snow race
  8. Elf suit relay
  9. Seasonal true or false
  10. Christmas Trivia
  11. Name that tunes Christmas Games
  12. Christmas-opoly
  13. Jingle Bell Shake
  14. Christmas Rush
  15. Santa’s belly limbo
  16. Scavenger Christmas Hunt
  17. Pin the heart on the grinch
  18. Really? Think you know me?
  19. Build the snowman paper rolls
  20. Christmas Party Deck
  21. Pass the ornament
  22. Christmas Carols and Songs Game
  23. Guess the smell
  24. Snowman bowling with recycled bottles
  25. Christmas Dart Board Game
  26. Draw a snowman on a plate
  27. Christmas Clue Game
  28. Plastic wrap game with joke gifts and mittens
  29. Christmas Game Pictionary
  30. Face in the gingerbread game

1. Christmas Game Headbands

If you already own the Game Headbandz this one will be easier. 

But if you don’t, don’t worry. You just have to cut several pieces of elastic of the size of your head (just make sure it is comfortable) and make a knot to it.

Use cards or pieces of paper to write Christmas words to them. Write as many as you can, and from different categories.

For example, you can write random words, such as reindeer, bells, ornament.

Or you can write movies, characters and such. 

The family gathers into a circle and puts the card over the headband without looking at the word. 

Then everyone takes a turn to ask only one question that can be answered with the words yes or no.

This means you can ask: Am I a person? But not: When I was born? 

When the player guesses their card, they take a new one. The one with more cards at the end wins.

2. Jingle Bell Jam

christmas games jingle bells

A very nice of the Christmas Games.

Use small boxes of whatever you have on hand and place a certain number of jingle bells in them. 

Each player must guess how many bells are in each box.

Whoever guesses the closest or the exact number in each box wins.

3. Hook’em candy cane

2 Players each time. 

You will have two bowls in front of you one filled with candy canes and the other one empty. 

Each player has to hook the candy canes with another candy cane from one bowl to the other.

Here is the twist: you have to use your mouth to hold the hooking candy cane!!

Everyone has one minute to move as many canes as they can to win.

4. What is in Santa’s hat

christmas games fun

Place small objects inside a Santa’s hat but do not let anyone see what they are.

Then each person will try to guess what is inside a hat by touching it. 

Try to put weird or unusual-shaped things inside the hat to make it harder to guess.

You can put keychains, clock batteries, socks, a sunglasses case, nuts, a candy wrapper…

When a player guesses the thing he gets to keep it and you place a new thing in the hat until they run out. The player with the most objects guessed wins.

5. Christmas Cup tree

Perfect addition for 1-minute-to-win Christmas games.

Using party cups two players compete to make the tallest ”Christmas Tree” (tower) in any way they want.

They have 2 minutes to see who wins. But careful if the tower falls, they have to start over from scratch.

6. Reindeer toss

Christmas game reindeer

Buy a deer antlers headband like this one, or if you know how to sew make your own deer antlers headband.

Take white and red pipe cleaners and twist them to make them look like candy canes and make a big-ish ring.

The players should try to get the rings on their teammate player who will be wearing the antlers. 

The goal is to try and get the most rings on the other player’s antlers.

7. Snow race

You need a bag of cotton balls and spoons.

Everyone gets a spoon (we don’t want to share those). Make two lines, one for each team and divide the cotton balls equally, and put each half on the side of each line.

First-person of each line has to grab a cotton ball and put it on the spoon which they will be holding with their mouth. 

They have to run to get it to the other side without dropping it. If they do, they have to return to the end of the line with the cotton ball.

When they get to the other end they can leave the cotton ball and then run back to the end of the line in case the members on the line run out. 

The goal is to be the first team to carry all the cotton balls to the other end.

8. Elf suit relay

Christmas games Elf

Let’s embrace Santa’s helper’s spirit. Get an Elf’s (or Santa’s) costume and place it on a chair across the room. Make two teams. 

Each team will make a line and one by one they will run to the chair and put on the Elf’s costume pose for a picture, take the costume off and run to the line to relay for the other player to do the same. 

If you only have one costume take turns between the teams and measure the time that takes each team to complete all pictures of the members. 

But if you can get two, do it at the same time and see who finishes taking all pictures first. Memories on the making.

9. Seasonal true or false

Get everyone to bring a small gift for prices. 

Then get to google and research facts about Christmas. It can be about history or traditions.

Write them down and make some of those facts look slightly like a lie. Put at the bottom of each sentence if the answer is true or false. 

Gather in a circle and take turns. One of you reads and one of you guesses. If you guest right you win a gift.

10. Christmas Trivia

A classic Christmas Game all ready for you to play.

These Christmas Trivia Cards are perfect to play right after a Christmas movie marathon.

It has questions about all the best movies for this season. The Grinch, Elf, Home Alone, and even Miracle on the 34th street.

Divide the family into two or more teams and get turns to see who has the bigger Christmas head.

11. Name that tunes Christmas Games

Make a playlist of Christmas Songs only.

Each player gets a turn to guess the song by hearing only 3 seconds of it. 

You only have 3 opportunities to guess the song, if you lose is the next player’s turn.

12. Christmas-opoly

This game is perfect for playing with teens and adults.

A fairly simple version of your classic monopoly game, Christmas version. You will acquire seasonal “properties” and you can upgrade their value by getting… you guess right.

Christmas presents!

13. Jingle Bell Shake

Another classic. 

I don’t know who invented this game, but she or he is a genius of laughter!!

You will need two empty tissue boxes and lots of ping pong balls or cotton balls.

Make holes on the sides of the box to pass a long ribbon so you can tie the boxes over your hips. Then fill it with the balls. 

Put some music on and make the players shake their booties to make the balls fall out of the box. 

Whoever gets all the balls out of the box first wins. This is a boomerang waiting to happen!

14. Christmas Rush

For up to 8 players. Christmas Rush is a card game similar to the chairs game that you can play around a table.

You all get 3 cards and start passing them around the table. As soon as someone collects 4 of the same card, he or she has to put their hand in the center.

The last one to put it in loses. Keep playing until there is a final winner.

15. Santa’s belly limbo

Use a broomstick or anything resembling that that you have on hand. 

There are no complicated rules, just the basic limbo concept. Oh well, just a little twist…

All the players must put a pillow inside their clothes to have a “Santa’s belly” and then bend to pass under the stick.

Play some Christmas songs and get ready to laugh while your friends try to pass under the stick with a huge belly.

16. Scavenger Christmas Hunt

This is one guaranteed to have a blast. The Scavenger Hunt cards game.

Perfect to play after dinner so you get all people moving around before dessert. Each team pics 10 cards and go out and look for the object that is in each one of them.

Take pictures or proof that you find them and go back to being the first team to complete the task.

It is great because you can play it outdoors or indoors thanks to their personalized cards.

17. Pin the heart on the grinch

Come on! Who doesn’t love The Grinch??

The only thing you have to do is to google one nice picture or illustration of him.

Print it and draw a big heart on red craft paper. 

Put a piece of tape on one side. Then, blindfold the player and make his teammate guide him to put the heart on the grinch.

18. Really? Think you know me?

A great conversation starter. Especially if you have new members of the family.

This card game will get everyone talking by making them guess things about themselves.

19. Build the snowman paper rolls

I have played this game with my family and it’s simply hilarious!

Make 2 person teams and each one gets one toilet paper (or if you are like me, and don’t want to waste a long string of craft paper rolled), an orange triangle piece (nose), and 3 black paper circles (buttons).

Also a scotch tape.

The deal here is that you have to cover up your partner in white and glue them the nose and buttons before anyone else.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your Snowmen!

20.Christmas Party Deck

A lot of Christmas games in one deck of cards!

The Christmas party deck is a game board that includes all your favorite classic Christmas games and challenges.

21. Pass the ornament

Make a circle and take one round ornament from the tree. 

The game is simple: you have to pass around the ornament from one person to another using every part of your body except for your hands!

Whoever lets the ornament drop is out of the circle and the last person wins.

22. Christmas Carols and Songs Game

This is a very simple, yet exciting and fun game.

This card game has six different types of challenges. Name that song, song trivia, sing the next line, keywords in the song, fill in the blank and, the player’s choice.

If you are a true caroler you will have hours of fun.

23. Guess the smell

Put your smell sense on trial!

Use a scarf as a blindfold to the player in turn and place different Christmas-related (and smelly) things inside jars or boxes.

Try to guess as many things as you can to be the winner.

24. Snowman bowling with recycled bottles

Here is an exciting game, plus, a great opportunity to recycle.

Yei! Recycling is fun.

Gather some empty water or soda plastic bottles and paint them all white. Add some eyes and buttons with a black sharpie, and paint the tap black too.

If you are feeling crafty you can draw a little carrot nose and a scarf also.

Fill the bottles with a little bit of weight (just a little). It can be rice or beans.

Make 2 teams. Each player gets to try and throw as many snowmen as they can at the same time with the other team’s player.

The winning team is who throws the most snowmen when every player has their turn.

25. Christmas Dart Board Game

You won’t have to lift a finger or think of anything elaborated.

In fact, this could also be a great thing to get the conversation started with those family members that don’t like to mingle too much.

Put this dartboard near the entrance of your home and be sure to mention it where your guests arrive.

26. Draw a snowman on a plate

Use whatever you have on hand. Games and fun don’t have to be difficult or expensive.

After eating there are always some leftover plates.

So take some of those plates with a sharpie and put them over your and your friend’s head.

Everyone should try to draw a snowman on the plate, whoever draws the best snowman wins.

Don’t forget to take a picture with your contemporary art!

27. Christmas Clue Game

If you are a fan of board games then you are going to love the Christmas version of the classic game Clue.

Completely family and kids friendly!!

28. Plastic wrap game with joke gifts and mittens

Do you know the classic gift wrap game? 

Well, add that plus a pair of mittens and a couple of stupidly funny joke presents. 

The basic concept is to wrap a giant ball of food wrapper and to place little presents and candies between each layer. 

Each gamer will take a turn throwing a pair of dice. When they hit 4 or 8 that person gets to try and unwrap the most presents until the next player’s turn. 

The twist here is that you have to do it with oven mitts on and that you can get crappy presents at some layers.

29. Christmas Game Pictionary

The classics never fail.

Use the Pictionary rules but all Christmas themed!

Make a list of Christmas movies, objects, or concepts. It can be anything from random related words such as Santa Clause or Jingle Bells to a Christmas song such as Baby…

Make 2 or 3 teams and take turns between the players of each team to be the one who draws the word.

The rest of the team has to guess as many words as they can in a time frame of a minute.

No talking or making sounds, just drawing!!

The team that guesses the most words at the end is the winner of the game.

30. Face in the gingerbread game

This is one of the cutest, funniest and delicious Christmas Games.

Two players put a gingerbread cookie on their foreheads and when the time starts they try to slide it down to their mouths and eat it.

Make sure to have your camera ready. This game makes a lot of funny faces you will want to remember.

I hope you enjoy these Christmas Games and that you spend an amazing time with your friends and family

Merry Christmas!!!

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