After you read the next paragraphs of this post you might want to laugh at me, but I am sure you will stop (or not…) when I say that today I bring to you, all my lovely readers a No-Show Socks Free Sewing Pattern. 

They name is Gubbins and they are a No-Show Socks Free Sewing Pattern

Time to be honest for a minute. I don’t know about you, but here in my town, the sun is getting bad… like Mean Girls bad…

Usually, at this time of the year I go ahead and buy like thousands of No-Show socks so I can be able to still wear my ballerina/flats shoes without all the… (well I have to say it, sorry) feet sweat.

Does this happens to you?? You can be honest. There is no judgment here.

I mean…

I live in the north for God’s sake! It is like a living barbeque!

So is understandable that on this hot season shoes can get a little sweaty and uncomfortable.

And let me tell you something…

Flats shoes are the base foundation of my outfits. It doesn’t matter if is summer or winter. I love them so much.

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Presenting the No-Show Socks Free Sewing Pattern

No-Show Socks Free Sewing Pattern

Long story short, and despite the heat, I am not willing to renounce to wearing flats. That is why I love No-show socks in the first place.

I have a lot of them.

But, let’s get real.

I found absurd the amount of money they cost for such a simple piece for a garment.

That is why I’ve decided that I would stop buying the expensive No-Show socks from stores.

Which you know are made by a minimal piece of fabric, and finally, make a pattern so I can sew my very own pairs of them.

And of course, give the Pattern away for FREE!!!

Gubbins no-show socks for Flats Free Sewing Pattern

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No-Show Socks Free Sewing Pattern

This No-Show Socks FREE Sewing Pattern is so great that I don’t know why I didn’t make them sooner.

I am telling you guys.

They are so easy to make and so comfortable that I will change my name if you can avoid making more than 4-5 pairs in one sitting. (Will Willomina Rider shall do? Just want to cover my bases…)

In conclusion…

The name of this Sewing Pattern is Gubbins Socks. Since Gubbins means scraps, according to the internet, I thought that it would make the perfect name for our little baby pattern here.

You can find the step by step tutorial in the file when you download the pattern here. But I thought about making a quick video tutorial about how to sew your No-show Socks Free Sewing Pattern. 

No-Show Socks Free Sewing Pattern

Download your Free No-Show Socks Pattern

Step by step instructions

Put the Top (B) of the sock over the body (A) with the wrong side of both fabrics facing together.

Use a narrow serger stitch (about ⅛” to ¼” inch width) to sew along the top part of the sock.

No show socks tutorial

Fold the heel part of the body (A) wrong sides of fabric facing together and sew along the edge.

No show socks tutorial

Turn your sock inside out and pin the start of the elastic (use the smaller elastic width you can find) over the half inner part of the sock and make a couple of stitches to get this elastic secure.

Remove the pin and pull the elastic towards you being careful about not stretching the fabric below.

Continue sewing the elastic this way until you get to the start point of the elastic.

You should end with something like this:

No show socks tutorial

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Invisible No-Show Socks Free Sewing Pattern

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  1. Sorry I find that I already have the pattern. Many thanks.

    1. Author

      I am glad that you got it X)

  2. I find that I have 3 gubbins no show socks in my basket and do not know how to delete 2 of them!!

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