easy wrap towel tutorial

How to Make a Hair Wrap Pattern. You can make it out of any old towel, t-shirt, or fabric you like. Today we are making a super easy project you can make for any of your friends, mom, or sisters, and is guaranteed to be loved. The best thing of all is that it only takes about 15 minutes to make. Making this hair towel wrap is very easy. It takes almost no time. From cutting the fabric to finishing the project, it took no more than 10-15 minutes. This sewing project is perfect for holding your beautiful hair after your shower. Maybe, for deepRead More →

Pull-up bows made of fabric tutorial

Make your own Fabric Pull-up Bows for all your DIY Gifts! I have always loved the way Pull-up bows work. So I decided to figure them out so I could make a DIY pull up bow tutorial.  This year I commit to making more Zero-waste projects to reduce the waste of trash in my home.  Until this day I have made, reusable grocery bags, dish sponges and Resealable snack bags.  But as Santa’s season is here I began to think about all the waste gift-giving creates. Especially pull up bows.  Not, because this is the major problem, but because I really, really love them!  AndRead More →

Give your sewing room a makeover with this color palette ideas you'll learn to make by yourself. Learn the best hacks for your studio decorations and design to get a beautiful she shed.

I am getting a new Sewing Room!!

And let me tell ya something: I am determined to make this room the happiest of the happy places on earth.

So, on the next couple of months, I will be sharing with you the whole process, I am going to take to build the perfect Sewing Room.

You can take and follow my steps and apply them to your own sewing Room decorations.

So get in here and learn the very first step to plan your sewing room!Read More →

DIY Dessert Pattern Weights

Pattern weights are essential for an easy fabric cutting. Today you are going to learn how to make this DIY Sewing Pattern Weights that are not only the cutest but also very cheap and easy to make. Can you guess the main ingredient? Is NOT your usual clay!
I am here to tell you that you can make this adorable pattern weights for a very very small price. I literally spent around less than 15 dollars making all of this cuties. And you will have a Quick and Easy DIY Sewing Project for yourself.
And the best thing of all is that the end result is way better. The thing I love most about this pattern weights is that they are soft and heavy pieces of heaven.
Want to know more? Read on!Read More →

How to Sew a Zipper

Sewing the perfect zipper might seem like a tricky thing, even if you have a few years sewing already. But it doesn’t have to be. Therefore, if you don’t know how to sew a zipper you NEED to read this post from top to end. I am going to show you 3 ways to insert a regular zipper into your garment. And at the end, I am going to give you one more special bonus tip that comes with a Free Sewing Pattern.Read More →

"V" Neckline Sweater pattern

You are going to L-o-v-e this “V” Neckline Sweater pattern and tutorial. V Necklines, very flattering for most of the body shapes, I definitely love them in all garments. But the thing is that is not very easy to nail the perfect V neckline band each time, am I right? Well, keep reading this tutorial. Here you are not only going to learn how to score the V neckline every time but also you are going to learn how to sew this fantastic and Cozy Lulu Sweater. The Lulu Sweater has become one of my favorite sewing patterns yet. It has a very relaxed but flatteringRead More →