DIY heating pads

On last December we made together Christmas inspired Pocket Heating Pads, and now I want to translate this idea into a DIY heating pad for cramps or menstrual pains. And here is the beauty of this project. They are not only cute looking heating pads.
The actual shape of a heart covers the exact area on your body where the pain usually locates. Plus the weight (approx 450 gms per heart) is so comforting too.
Learn how to make your heating cramps pads in this tutorial.Read More →

How to Sew a Zipper

Sewing the perfect zipper might seem like a tricky thing, even if you have a few years sewing already. But it doesn’t have to be. Therefore, if you don’t know how to sew a zipper you NEED to read this post from top to end. I am going to show you 3 ways to insert a regular zipper into your garment. And at the end, I am going to give you one more special bonus tip that comes with a Free Sewing Pattern.Read More →

Rustic Christmas Wreath

I decided to decorate my house in Country-Farm style. One of the thing that made me decide on this type of decoration was this kind of Christmas Rustic Wreath made with branches. Learn how to make your own here.Read More →

Sweater Hole tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to mend a Sweater hole and will save your favorite piece of winter garment so you can use it again. Click here to know how.Read More →

"V" Neckline Sweater pattern

You are going to L-o-v-e this “V” Neckline Sweater pattern and tutorial. V Necklines, very flattering for most of the body shapes, I definitely love them in all garments. But the thing is that is not very easy to nail the perfect V neckline band each time, am I right? Well, keep reading this tutorial. Here you are not only going to learn how to score the V neckline every time but also you are going to learn how to sew this fantastic and Cozy Lulu Sweater. The Lulu Sweater has become one of my favorite sewing patterns yet. It has a very relaxed but flatteringRead More →

Do you know how to print PDF sewing patterns?? Almost every pattern you buy online comes in a PDF format so you can print them at home. But let me tell you that printing and assembling your Sewing Patterns shouldn’t be hard. At least not here in My Golden Thimble. Printing our patterns is super easy and actually, very practical too. Why? Well, because when you finish assembling it. It would fold perfectly into the shape of a US letter page. So you can store them and organize them very easily in every place you keep your documents. Here is a great tutorial on howRead More →

Headband DIY

This Headband DIY tutorial is the perfect way to start your winter projects. You can DIY this in less than 10 minutes with any stretchy fabric you have on hand. Isn’t it great?? These headbands are so popular in cold weather season. They keep your head and ears warm and the best thing is that they also make you look super stylish and feminine. In fact. This can be a great gift for your friends and family. I am already planning to make several of these for my family gals on Christmas because is a guaranteed to like present. Don’t you think? The great thing aboutRead More →

Grocery bag DIY

A Non-Woven Grocery Bag DIY project is a perfect way to help the environment. That’s why here, you can DOWNLOAD a FREE pdf pattern to make your own bags.Read More →

How to sew a t-shirt tutorial

Do you want to know how to sew a t-shirt? Then you are in the right place, my friend. With this tutorial, you are going to learn the two easiest ways to assemble your t-shirt pattern pieces. Read More →

Triangle Bikini Tops are one of the easiest summer sewing projects you will find. I love them so much, and the best thing is that making one of this only takes one hour or less!! Click here to find out how.Read More →

Sewing can be tricky, especially if you are a beginner sewer. But knowing the most common mistakes can help you to improve your game. Read More →

This is a complete sewing room organization tutorial with 2 free printables. Get them now!Read More →